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Choose to study Video Game Design and Development or Video Game Design Technologies.

Video Game Design and Development
Diploma Program + Internship: 94 weeks
Diploma Program only: 78 weeks

Video Game Design Technologies
Diploma Program + Internship: 90 weeks
Diploma Program only: 74 weeks
Our Programs


At triOS College, the Video Game programs offer curriculum to support a team approach to game development.

This team environment is a ‘must have’ in the gaming industry. Game creation requires a combination of skills, including programming, scripting, game level planning, and sound design. Our program content provides courses that support all of these skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn, think and respond within a team, by alternating in each varying role.

Portfolio development is also an important part of our program. A well-developed portfolio is a must for employment interviews. Students will complete 8 gaming projects while enrolled in the program: a game prototype, a C++ game, a Flash/ActionScript game, a DirectX game, several Unity Games, and several mobile games that will contribute to their portfolios.

Students also receive a custom Alienware laptop and a 16 week Internship!

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