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Becoming a student at triOS has many benefits. You will be like part of the family while you are here, and long after you have completed your studies. Our Employment Specialists work tirelessly to help you put your newly learned skills to work once you have graduated. By choosing triOS, you are choosing to invest in your future.

Testimonials from our International students Winie Dimaliwat – Honours Business Administration + Internship – Brampton“I am lucky that triOS offered this program. At first it was hard thinking about the new environment, new people, and new culture. I was impressed with how the staff from triOS Head Office processed and provided all the required documents needed for me to get approved from my CIC to come and study here in Canada in time. After my conversation with Miss Kopowski and visiting the campus, I was impressed by the appealing atmosphere, nice environment, good facilities, and convenient location. The campus director, my education consultant, and my financial aid were there for me when I was a new student. All triOS staff are very friendly and supportive. I realized that communicating every day with people of different cultural backgrounds can be quite challenging, but it is great that you can work with people from different cultures. I never felt bored when I attended class. I was able to gain more inspiration and knowledge from others, and that’s a wonderful and life changing experience.  I loved my choice! I loved my campus!” Adonnalyn Magsino – Physiotherapy Assistant – Brampton “Applying to become an international student and being far from my home country the Philippines, in an unfamiliar land was hard for me at first. But I learned to take challenge and face it without fear of failure through the help of a very accommodating international education consultant of triOS College, and the support I continuously receive from my family and the staff at the Brampton campus. As an international student in Canada, I enjoyed all of the same freedoms which protect Canadians – respect for human rights, equality, a stable, safe and peaceful society. At triOS College, they are committed in giving high-quality education that I believed would open doors for my future and benefit my career as a physiotherapy assistant over the long-term. Professors are always on hand and enthusiastic to help with lessons and coursework. Studies combine academic excellence with multicultural interaction and teamwork in the classroom. Students will not only gain knowledge and skills in analysis, reflective practice, lab and clinical experience, group presentations and communication, but we also learn how to express ourselves, demonstrative creativity, and develop self-confidence that is essential to become a member of the healthcare industry. I hope my testimony will inspire a lot of aspiring students to persevere and keep working towards their dreams. triOS College becomes a significant instrument of achieving academic and professional goals and I was proud to be a part of this college.”  Corey Walrond – Supply Chain and Logistics + Internship – Mississauga “I always wanted to study in Canada but I had no idea where to start or how to do it. I decided to email a few college and triOS College was the first to reach out to me. I was emailed by Dorothy Kopowski and she explained the full details about getting accepted in to triOS College. As the weeks went on, I kept asking more and more questions, and she was able to answer and explain every situation I brought to her. This went on for an entire year. After being completely clear with all the information she provided, I then encouraged my girlfriend to join me in my journey to triOS. We both followed every instruction given by Dorothy which was to find a proctor to supervise our entrance test. After I finished the entrance test, I received an email the same week from Dorothy saying that I had passed. My first day at triOS, I was greeted by friendly staff and a very comfortable environment which I enjoyed on a day to day basis. None of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for Dorothy Kopowski, she did an excellent job and I think she should be awarded for her determination and efforts.” Shaleza Rouse – Physiotherapy Assistant / Occupational Therapy Assistant – Toronto “My journey to triOS College as an international student from the Caribbean started with a simple email. I got a timely response, as a matter of fact, my email was responded to the same day from the International Student Representative Dorothy Kopowski. After nine months of online searching for a college to attend and sending out emails without response, Dorothy was extremely helpful in helping me select the right program for me. She provided me with the necessary information needed to start my journey to triOS as an international student such as how to get a student visa, and other required information and documents. She was in constant contact, making sure that everything was going good and also reassuring me at times when it seemed difficult. Now I am a PTA/OTA student at the Toronto campus and I am extremely excited to be a member of the triOS family with friendly and reliable staff members, students, and a classroom setting where learning is made easy and exciting.”  
Nibia Libia Dixon
– Honours Business Administration + Internship – Brampton
“After I finished college in Jamaica, it was my desire to pursue the rest of my studies abroad where I could obtained an internationally recognised degree. In my quest to find out the options available to venture abroad, my interest began to grow for Canada. As if it was destiny, just shortly after I heard of a Canadian college fair to be held at the University of the West Indies. This was where I first met triOS and started this sensational relationship. Even though it was my desire to come to Canada, it was not an easy decision as I would be moving to a totally strange place that has its own uniqueness, where it can be very difficult to adjust if you are not prepared.  However, the school was nothing short of helping to make our transition an easy one. Upon arriving we were warmly welcomed, and this feeling of warmth is what I walked into everyday when I enter triOS College Brampton both from my fellow class mates and staff. As international students, I think they even go a step further to make us feel comfortable and even though they are always busy they are always accommodating. My classes are awesome, the opportunity to learn about new and different areas of business through the Honours Business Administration program is truly an eye opener. The interaction social experience with such diverse student body from so many countries has been nothing short of amazing. I must say I am grateful for this opportunity as it continue to add value to my thought process, insight and experiences while I learn and grow in a multicultural society.”

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