What Is A Web Technology Specialist?

December 23rd, 2016 / By triOS College

Since the Internet plays such a large part in the lives of most people these days, it is tempting to take it for granted. However, the programs we use on a regular basis did not just happen: they are the result of considerable planning by skilled professionals. Web technology is a fascinating and challenging field with many possibilities for those interested in learning more about this vital part of our increasingly digital landscape. This is a varied career with different facets to explore. Here is a look at three of the things web technology specialists do:


Which websites really stand out for you? We’re guessing the ones that not only look attractive, but also offer a smooth and effective user experience with minimal wait times. All of those elements take particular skill in creating.

The specialists involved here must consider such components as the information and website architecture, the overall look (including the various colours, contrast, icons, and fonts, all of which must be harmonious and appealing), and navigation (e.g. does each link take the user to the desired location?). Designers are well versed in such systems as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Software also has many components that require special planning and development. A software programmer creates the program’s code, making changes where needed in order to improve efficiency and functionality. They may also participate in the initial conception and development meetings to offer technical advice on what is feasible and whether the program can meet the company’s goals.

Teams of programmers often collaborate on code creation as an individual program may contain huge amounts of code.


The explosion in smartphone sales and their heightened abilities have resulted in many people now doing much of their browsing on mobile devices. Chances are you have used your phone to access a website and found that it is either too small or too big on your display, and a pain to navigate. That site is out of date and its designers did not consider mobile compatibility.

In today’s world, it is imperative to have websites fully accessible on both computers and smartphones. As screen space is far more limited on a smartphone, specific choices are necessary in order to get across the needed information in a fashion that is functional and pleasing to view/navigate. Mobile web developers are familiar with the application Wireless Internet Protocol 2.0 (also known as WAP 2.0), which is the worldwide standard.


Interested in learning more about computer, web, and mobile application development? triOS offers a thorough 33-week program that imparts the skills needed to develop interactive web content using such technologies as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Students also gain experience in developing application programs for use on desktops and servers using technologies like Java, C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server. Two certification exam vouchers for Adobe ACA and an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription are also included.

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