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Eligible dependents will be awarded funding to cover tuition for up to $10,000 or the cost of their Year One Tuition.

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triOS is among many other Canadian colleges and universities that have joined Project Hero. This initiative is co-funded by retired General Rick Hillier and Honorary Lt. Col. Kevin Reed, to provide support to the sons and daughters of Canadian military that were killed while serving in an active mission.

triOS is proud to participate in Project Hero by providing eligible dependents with award funding to cover tuition for up to $10,000 towards the cost of Year One Tuition Fees.

Terms and Conditions 

To be eligible for the Project Hero funding, you must be:

  1. A dependent of a Canadian Forces personnel deceased while serving in an active mission;
  2. Must be under the age of twenty-six;
  3. Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at triOS College, in a program of study eligible for funding by the province of Ontario.

Award Confirmation

  1. triOS College will communicate with the Director-General, Personnel and Family Support Services of the National Defense to confirm eligibility to the award program of Canadian Forces personnel deceased while serving in an active mission.
  2. Dependents’ status will be determined as per the Revenue Canada criteria.

Award Value

  1. The value of full-time tuition fees is up to the lesser of $10,000 or the cost of Year One Tuition.
  2. All other fees and books are at the student’s cost.
  3. The awarding of other triOS College bursaries or scholarships will reduce the value of the Project Hero Award dollar for dollar.

Award Payments and Conditions

  1. The Award will be listed on your student contract. It will be reviewed by our Financial Aid Officer as part of your application to enroll.
  2. If you withdraw from your studies, the value of the Award will be reduced or canceled, based on standard term withdrawal deadlines.
  3. The Award has no monetary value other than towards the cost of tuition.
  4. The fiscal status of the award will be in accordance with the Canadian Income Tax legislation.

The Application for the Project Hero Award will be submitted to the Scholarship Committee at triOS College for review. You will be notified of the status of your award within 10 business days of submission of Project Hero Award Application and Enrollment into triOS College.

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