Video Game Design & Development

Diploma Program + Internship: 94 weeks 
Diploma Program only: 78 weeks


At triOS College, the Video Game Design and Development program offers curriculum designed to support a team approach to game development. This team environment is a ‘must have’ in the gaming industry.

Game creation requires a combination of skills, including programming, scripting, game level planning, and sound design. Our program content provides courses that support all of these skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn, think and respond within a team, by alternating in each varying role. Portfolio development is also an important part of our program.

A well-developed portfolio is a must for employment interviews. Students will complete 8 gaming projects while enrolled in the program: a game prototype, a C++ game, a Flash/ActionScript game, a DirectX game, several Unity Games, and several mobile games that will contribute to their portfolios.

Students receive:
  • A custom M17x Alienware laptop (3D-capable)
  • Apple Mac Mini included
  • Adobe Creative Suite Software
  • Eight gaming portfolio projects
  • Lifelong portfolio website
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for up to two years*
  • Real-world work experience with a 16 week Internship!
  • Free Microsoft Office Professional Plus and DreamSpark Premium 


Career opportunities for graduates include entry level employment as Quality Assurance/Game Testers, 2D/3D Game Programmers, Mobile Game Programmers, AI Programmers and Level Designers.
Note: Some career and education options may require advanced degrees, further training or experience.

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New numbers show that there are 472 active video game studios in Canada, 143 more than in 2013. The employment rate for this industry is expected to rise 25% in the next two years.
Source: "Canadian Video Game Industry Continues to Grow -Entertainment Software Association of Canada." Entertainment Software Association of Canada. N.p., 13 Nov. 2015.


  • Snakehead Games
  • XMG Studio Inc.
  • Digital Extremes
  • Sony Canada
  • Phantom Compass Games
  • Big Blue Bubble
  • The Ant Firm
  • Game Loft Toronto
  • March Entertainment
  • And more!

Average Wage ($/hr)  - $32.97
High Wage ($/hr)        - $46.67



High School Graduation Diploma or Mature Student Status (18 years of age and high school equivalency assessment passed). In addition, a two part entrance assessment must be successfully passed.

NOC CODE: 2174



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