Web & Development Fundamentals

Find your passion and step into the challenging field of technology. With this 42-week diploma program, you can learn how to succeed in the field of web development and design.

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    42 Weeks


    8 Weeks

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    About The Program

    The flourishing of websites of all sorts comes with an influx of IT jobs. This Web & Development Fundamentals program focuses on software development basics that provide the largest number of junior and intermediate developer jobs — mobile development and web development. With an 8-week internship, you can experience working in a real-world environment and get the opportunity to apply the theories you will learn.

    Career Opportunities

    As a Web & Development Fundamentals graduate, you will qualify for positions such as:

    • Web Programmer/Developer
    • Application Programmer/Developer
    • Internet Site Designer
    • Software Programmer/Developer
    • Mobile Web Developer
    • Database Programmer/Developer




    Employers Who Have Hired triOS Grads

    • Adobe
    • Ad Films
    • Challenger Motor Freight Inc.
    • Cyberteks Design
    • Department of National Defence – Atlantic
    • FPM3 Marketing
    • National Research Council
    • Philip & Henry Productions
    • Stream International Canada Inc.
    • TNP Group
    • Tech Alliance


    85 %

    Employment Rate*

    $ 36

    Average Wage/HR**

    $ 57

    High Wage/HR**

    *Employment Rate based on 2021 contactable triOS graduates employed in a related field within 12 months.


    NOC Code: 2174/21232 & 2175/21234 - **Wage data rounded down to the nearest dollar. Average wage doesn't reflect the starting salary but represents the middle value between lowest to highest wages. Local (or regional) income may vary. Last updated in Jan 2024.

    Program Details

    Are you looking for an interactive IT program that will teach you all about software development? If so, then triOS College’s Web & Development Fundamentals program is just what you need to break into this industry.

    This program employs a hands-on approach, alongside a carefully-crafted curriculum, to build the industry-grade logic and problem-solving skills you need to master software development with modern tools, processes, and frameworks. You will take up the fundamentals of design (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, and UI/UX), front-end and back-end web development (HTML, CSS, Linux/WordPress, and JavaScript), Android mobile development (Java/Kotlin), and iOS mobile development (Swift). Complete your program with mobile and web capstone projects that will allow you to build a real-world mobile and web app that you can show to potential employers.

    When you enroll in this program, you will receive:

    • an 8-week internship for hands-on experience
    • registered and approved diploma
    • 2 exam vouchers to write the certifications you wish to pursue*
    • practice tests (where applicable)
    • career services
    • job search assistance
    • alumni program benefits

    Below is a list of core technologies, tools, and methodologies that you’ll work with in this program:

    • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD)
    • Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, and Apple Xcode
    • HTML and CSS
    • JavaScript
    • WordPress
    • Fedora and Ubuntu Linux
    • Git and GitHub
    • Agile, Scrum, and Kanban practices
    • Java and Swift

    *The courses in this program relate to 3 industry certification examinations leading to the following designations, which are frequently used as a benchmark for hiring:

    • Adobe Photoshop ACA
    • Adobe Illustrator ACA
    • Oracle Java Associate
    Course Listings
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    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Career Management
    In this module, you will create and refine your résumé and LinkedIn Profile. You will write cover letters and learn the value of customizing cover letters to specific job postings. You will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge as you conduct a job search and write a cover letter tailored to an ideal job post. Through research, you will create a list of top employers and target current industry opportunities. You will learn about current methods for applying to job postings using technology. You will also gain an understanding of the job interview process, typical interview questions and possible responses, and expectations of both the interviewer and interviewee. In addition, you will engage in practical application of the interview process through role-play. Topics such as negotiating salary, self-management, and on-the-job success for placements and post-graduate employment will be also covered.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Graphical Design
    Visual images, user interfaces and other graphical art are an important part of nearly all apps and webpages today. This course introduces the concepts and techniques used to create and modify graphical art for use within software and on the Web. You will learn how to create and manipulate bitmap- and vector-based graphical art formats.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. HTML and CSS
    This course introduces the core concepts and procedures used to create websites. More specifically, you learn how to create the components of a website using HTML5, as well as provide a standardized layout of website elements using CSS3.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Java Development
    In this course, you will apply the object-oriented concepts from the Swift development course to the Java programming language. More specifically, you will learn Java data and control structures, as well as how to create both graphical and Web-based Java applications.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. JavaScript
    JavaScript allows for a rich set of interactivity within the content on a website. Consequently, it is one of the most common programming languages used today. In this course, you learn the core elements of the JavaScript programming language, as well as use JavaScript to provide enhanced functionality within a website.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Linux Web Hosting and Wordpress
    Most Web servers in the cloud are hosted on the Linux operating system. In this course, you learn the basic usage of the Linux operating system, as well as the configuration of the Apache Web server on Linux. Additionally, you will use the Apache Web server to host your own website as well as the WordPress content management system.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Student Success Strategies
    This course stresses the importance of developing non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic and career success. This includes understanding learning styles and honing practical study skills, such as memory, reading, note- and test-taking techniques. Personal exercises will focus on teamwork, decision making and problem solving skills, setting goals and maintaining a positive attitude techniques for managing change, stress and conflict will also be explored.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Swift Development
    In this course, you will examine object-oriented programming using the Swift programming language. More specifically, you will learn Swift expressions, collections and types, as well as enumerations, protocols and generics.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. UI/UX Design
    In this course, you learn how to design user interfaces for Web and mobile apps to maximize both usability and user experience.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Version Control and Collaboration
    Most software projects today use an agile development process to provide timely revisions to software. Additionally, most software projects use the Git system for version control and collaboration. In this course, you will explore the various agile development and project management techniques that are common in the industry, as well as learn how to leverage Git for code versioning and collaboration.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Web & Development Fundamentals Internship
    At the successful completion of the classroom hours of this program, you will be placed in a 160-hour internship at an outside organization. You will have the opportunity to apply your new and developed skills in a real-world environment. Hosts include small, medium, and large organizations that provide applications and web development services.
    Admission Requirements
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    You must:

    • have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent


    • be at least 18 years old when or before the program begins AND pass a qualifying test* that has been approved by the Superintendent. (The approved qualifying test for this program is the Wonderlic test with a passing score of 20.)


    * If you’re applying from other Canadian provinces, you must:

    • be at least 19 years old,
    • be out of high school for at least 1 year when the program starts, and
    • successfully pass an academic achievement test.


    Please contact us for more details regarding admissions requirements if you are an international student.

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    Success Stories

    My experience at triOS College - Windsor campus was topnotch. The faculty and office staff went above and beyond. I felt supported every step of the way. I graduated with honours. I feel tremendous gratitude toward all those at triOS College, who invested their time and expertise in me and my future.

    Sue Ann P.

    Graduated in 2016