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triOS' London campus is located at 520 First Street in the east end of the city, near the intersection of Dundas Street and First Street. Come and enjoy the large skylight in our front foyer, which now allows even more natural light into the building.

The campus is within close proximity of many local eateries, attractive parks, Argyle Mall, and the London International Airport. The London campus is easily accessible via public transit and offers free parking to staff and students.

Prometric & Pearson Vue Testing

triOS offers Prometric and Pearson VUE testing facilities in almost all of its campuses, providing a reliable, professional and positive experience for anyone required to take an exam.

With convenient locations and hours, triOS enables individuals to write Prometric and/or Pearson VUE examinations according to their schedules in order to gain the qualifications required for career advancement, professional development, skills assessment or other types of certifications.

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Reviews from our students

triOS College Business Technology Healthcare - London Campus
1 month ago
If you are a western student and registered for CFA exam in London. You found the right place. Keep grinding.
7 months ago
Excellent and talkative instructors, kind and helpful campus administrators, and professional and friendly employment Specialists. I enrolled in triOS College London campus by remote learning during the pandemic from 2022 to 2023. Projects of courses are good exercises. It is wise to prepare for the internship in advance.
manal ali
8 months ago
I liked triOS College more when I took the program with my instructor Tammy Hurst-Erskine & I appreciate her impact on my digital marketing journey and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her experience, to be accurate in timing & because of her support I become more confident now.
10 months ago
I just finished my internship, it was a great experience with Tiffany Groulx as a teacher, very caring and always ready to do anything to allow us to learn in the best conditions! She ignited the passion for PSW in me again! A noble job! Thank you very much Tiffany! Thank you to the amazing STAFF MEMBERS!
Ramanan Kanapathipillai
11 months ago
jim Caffray
1 year ago
Fabienne Haller
1 year ago
Paul Foanyi
1 year ago
What a glorious and professional place to be, triOS College deals with quality and not quantity, proud of the excellent, quality and wonderful services this college provides.
Adanna Gideon
1 year ago
Tammy was an awesome instructor. Thanks for being so patient with your students and making sure students actually assimilate what is being taught. You are the best 👌 💖
Tunde Adebowale
1 year ago
Bernie is such a wonderful teacher, that not only, teaches from the books, but adds his personal working experiences for students to match and understand the teaching better. Bernie's diversity and inclusion behaviours are excellent. He encourages everyone by affirming that, you can make it with even little effort. he is very patient and can explain solutions to any of his students problem until the student understands. A very good role model. Please keep the good effort up, Bernie
Joseph Emmanuel
1 year ago
Tammy, She was very friendly and very helpful. when i reached her for help she was very quick to respond and clarified things very well. I am very thankful to have had her as my instructor. Joseph Emmanuel
Nick Wrona
1 year ago
Great for inpendant, self motivated learners, not for people looking for a traditional education I attended triOS College for the Business Digital Marketing program during 2021 My program instructor was Tammy! Tammy is a highly experienced instructor who is clearly passionate about her students' understanding of marketing and cares deeply about their success both during and after the schooling part of your career. Tammy is particularly knowledgeable in social media, content marketing and strategy. I'd reccomend requesting Tammy as your instructor if you're looking to specialize in either social media or to generalize across all pillars of digital marketing. Another highlight of triOS is the guaranteed** (lots of assistance from triOS employment specialists) work placement after completion of your program. I was lucky with my internship (agency-side digital marketing) and was signed on immediately after completion of my compulsory hours. Thanks for the introduction, Perry! Now, why 4 stars instead of 5? Two reasons. Firstly is the pricing. While trios does offer bursaries and some discount on pricing it is still full price for ontario/Canadian citizens which came to roughly 15k CAD for a 56wk program. If you don't qualify for Canadian subsidies on post secondary education I wouldn't let this point scare you off. Otherwise, I wouldn't reccomend triOS unless your confidence of securing employment in your field (or other higher paying field) upon completion of schooling is relatively high as the higher price tag can be worth it for some as it was for myself. Secondly, is the curriculum. I attended a couple years ago during the second (IIRC) class of DMS students so this could potentially be resolved at this point, but course curriculum is not only outdated but is far too focused on theory and not enough on actual tasks/topics you'll be dealing with in the workplace. Is it enough to hit the ground with your feet running? Yeah, sure but you're going to HAVE TO spend 1-2 hours daily after/before work learning industry-standard tools for your choosing pillar within marketing for the first year or so if you want to Excell within your role. This is commonplace with most digital marketing jobs but I feel this should've been know and accounted for upon creation of curriculum. In conclusion, trios is great for individuals who are independant, self-motivated learners. Potentially good for those who are already knowledgeable in the actual day-to-day work of their chosen industry prior to enrollment. (for example, someone who is already a talented designer wants to transition to an advert designer) Trios is particularly good for individuals who need a job quickly upon completion and who don't qualify for Canadian/ontario post-secondary subsidies. Employer sponsoring your education? Even better.
Cali Wiersma
1 year ago
I attended triOS College and am a 2022 Graduate of their Digital Marketing Specialist program. My instructor was Tammy and she was absolutely amazing. She brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to her class, plus she makes things fun. She is also extremely supportive and will do what it takes to make sure that her students understand the material and succeed in their studies. There is no better instructor than Tammy and she deserves all the accolades in the world. My classes were delivered entirely virtual, mostly due to COVID, but the virtual delivery was seamless with no issues. In fact, I quite enjoyed and appreciated virtual delivery as it allowed me to remain home with my children while getting the education I needed to make my career change possible. My instructor Tammy, alongside the other triOS admin (Miranda, Heather, Perry, Sarah to name a few) made my experience at triOS the best educational experience I have ever had (and I did attend University after high school which was brutal). If you are looking for somewhere to go to make your career change happen and to reach your career goals, triOS is the place to go.
Anastasia Belenkov
1 year ago
I feel so lucky to have Tammy as an instructor. She is very knowledgeable and caring person. I appreciate all she did for me.
Irvinder Singh
1 year ago
Tim Andrew
1 year ago
I had a very supportive and encouraging experience with my instructor Tammy @ triOS college while taking my Digital Marketing Specialist course! Thank you Tammy :)
John Lapier
1 year ago
Tammy is an awesome instructor. He is very helpful encouraging and knowledgeable. She makes the courses fun and you want to get up in the morning to log into class
1 year ago
Kdj Haliru
1 year ago
I am very glad that I made the choice to attend triOs college after much research. As the CEO of my young company I was seeking real world experience in my learning journey for supply chain management and logistics. I must say the best teachers are found here because, not only do you get experienced teachers, the material is updated and so relatable to right now that already I feel I have more value for money spent. If you are looking for a career upgrade, triOs college is highly recommended for easy placement at any job challenge, and if you want attention to detail in small class room sizes. It's just brilliant.
Oladapo Orebiyi
1 year ago
James Hardy
2 years ago
Super nice people and a great facility.
Ted Koenig
2 years ago
Heather has been very welcoming each time I’ve come to write an exam. She has gone through all covid protocols efficiently and answered any questions I’ve had each time.
S Capstick
2 years ago
Andrea Summers
2 years ago
Noel Keshwar was my instructor for the MS Course and all I can say is he was absolutely amazing. He was my first instructor of my MOA Program and I learned so much from him. He made showing up and being in class fun. For anyone else who gets to have Noel as their instructor, they are truly lucky! He definitely set the bar high. Thanks so much Noel!!
Dave Hetesi
2 years ago
Haitham Abu Karaki
3 years ago
So professional and friendly staff at the same time, they do care about your successes , it is their objective. I do recommend this collage, they are the best !
Omar Habed
3 years ago