Academic Quality Assurance

What is Academic Quality Assurance and Why is it Important to Us?

The College is committed to developing and delivering high quality programs to help students become job-ready graduates.  We have developed a comprehensive Academic Quality Assurance System (AQAS) to ensure the continuous quality, relevance, and currency of all our programs of instruction. Our commitment to academic quality assurance is rooted in, and guided by, our vision which has at its core a passion for excellence.

Our Quality System ensures all programs offered by the College meet, and exceed, all standards for academic quality and relevance based on provincial/professional requirements and expectations for post-secondary institutions so that our offerings are worthy of public confidence.

The College uses our Academic Quality Assurance System as an ongoing process for systematic, evidence-based assessment, planning, and improvements for our programs and Faculties, to ensure students are provided with the best educational experience possible.

Step 1 – MAPPING - Curriculum is formally mapped to ensure ongoing compliance with program outcomes and industry skills-expectations of graduates.
Step 2 – SELF-STUDY - Programs are assessed using program review self-study and other data-driven quality tools.
Step 3 – ACTION PLAN - The self-study action plan identifies continuous improvement actions as a result of the program review.
Step 4 – MONITORING - The program report monitors activity, trends and implementation of continuous improvement actions.

Program Advisory Committees (PACs) provide an important link between triOS College and the community. The PAC is a group of industry/sector professionals who help inform our programs about current trends and employer needs related to the skills requirements for their sector as they relate to our program curriculum. PAC members include employers, graduates, business and industry leaders, and representatives from professional and accrediting bodies and agencies.


The Personal Support Worker program helped equip me for a successful career in my field. The combination of in-class practice and theory helped me to develop a deep understanding of not only how to be a PSW, but a great PSW. I am thankful that triOS college has a comfortable, engaging, accepting, patient, and supportive environment and staff.

Zachary D. (Personal Support Worker)

To learn more about our Academic Quality Assurance initiatives and process or to share feedback on the quality of our programs, please email