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    Classroom learning from a distance

    Attend classes as if you were inside a classroom — regardless of your location.

    With Online: Remote Classes, you can take advantage of the social dynamics of On-Campus learning minus the hassle of long commutes, traffic jams, or delayed public transportation.

    Through live video conferencing, your instructors will conduct live lectures, facilitate presentations and group discussions, assign homework, and evaluate your work.

    What are Online: Remote Classes?

    • Your instructors will lead class discussions through online video conferencing.
    • Everyone follows the same schedule of classes.
    • Take advantage of one-on-one check-ins with your instructors.
    • Learn new communication skills and technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to better prepare yourself for future work situations.
    • You will not be left alone. Your instructors will guide you until you complete your program.

    Technology Requirements

    Learn more about the technology requirements that will help you succeed in a remote learning environment.

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    Everything went very well as if we were [in] the actual class[room].

    Anas A., Mississauga (Enterprise Web & Mobile Developer)

    I am very much happy with remote learning. This has helped me to focus on my studies as well [as] take care of my 5-month [baby], which could have been a nightmare otherwise. The team of triOS is doing an incredible job. Thank you so much.

    Meera P., Scarborough (Information Technology Administrator)

    Sean’s experience with Online: Remote Classes

    "I knew it would all be done online, but I had no idea that we would be sitting in essentially a virtual classroom. I had assumed it would be more, so we got videos to watch, workbooks to do, and quizzes. That being said, I am very grateful that they decided to have an actual teacher. It made the entire experience much more like a classroom than an individual isolated learning experience."

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