What is Better Jobs Ontario?

The Better Jobs Ontario program (formerly Second Career) is a cost-sharing grant that helps Ontarians train for in-demand jobs.

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    Better Jobs Ontario Program

    With the Better Jobs Ontario program, you can upgrade your knowledge and skills to match what hiring employers are looking for.

    You can receive financial support of up to $28,000 to pay for:

    • tuition
    • books
    • student fees, supplies, and electronic devices
    • transportation
    • basic living costs of up to $500 per week

    You may also get additional funding for:

    • disability-related supports
    • childcare
    • accommodation near your training location (for living away from home)
    • language training or Literacy and Basic Skills

    You may need to share training costs.

    Better Jobs Ontario Eligibility

    Who can be qualified for Better Jobs Ontario? You are eligible if you are looking to train for high-demand occupations and either:

    ● you have been laid-off and have not been working or are working but underemployed
    ● you have not been laid-off but have been jobless for at least 6 months and are a member of a low-income household
    ● you have been laid off and are currently employed in a temporary job just to earn a living
    ● you are currently collecting Employment Insurance or have received it in the past

    Since the program's expansion on April 29, 2022, you can apply even if you are self-employed, new to Ontario, a gig worker, young, or receiving social assistance such as:

    ● Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
    ● Employment Insurance (EI)
    ● Ontario Works (OW)

    Better Jobs Ontario Fast Track

    If you were laid-off due to the COVID-19 pandemic and want to be trained for a job in an in-demand sector, you can start your training sooner if you apply under the Better Jobs Ontario Fast Track stream. This pathway entails a quicker approval process and helps lower-skilled workers get ready for high-demand jobs in prioritized local areas.

    You may qualify for the Better Jobs Ontario Fast Track program if your application meets these criteria:

    ● You got laid-off on or after March 1, 2020.
    ● Your highest educational attainment is a high school diploma or less.
    ● You got laid-off from a job that requires a high school education at the most and a job-specific training. (e.g. retail shop salesperson, flight attendant, restaurant waiter)
    ● You got laid-off from a sector that was badly hit by the pandemic. (e.g. warehousing, transportation, food services, hospitality, wholesale and retail)
    ● You plan to train for an in-demand career in a prioritized local area.

    Better Jobs Ontario Guidelines

    Fill out the Better Jobs Ontario form on the upper-right side of this page to apply for Better Jobs Ontario online now. When we receive your contact details, an Education Consultant will reach out to you to:

    ● thoroughly explain to you the Better Jobs Ontario criteria
    ● help you figure out which programs fit you well based on your employment history and future career goals
    ● refer you to Employment Ontario for a Better Jobs Ontario information session if you prefer to do so

    When you apply, do not forget to include the following:

    ● the duration of your unemployment or underemployment
    ● the duration of your job-hunting process
    ● the highest level of education you've achieved
    ● the job titles and companies you have applied to
    ● the skills and knowledge you want to retrain for
    ● the school you choose to attend
    ● your work history including the employment period and the skills required for that/those job/s

    You must submit supporting documents as well for your needs assessment such as:

    ● the fees associated with your schooling
    ● your gross household income

    Do not start your training until your application gets approved. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from the Better Jobs Ontario program.

    Better Jobs Ontario Courses (Program List)

    Better Jobs Ontario courses include eligible college and some university courses, vocational training programs, and micro-credential programs that run for a maximum of 52 weeks.

    If you wish to pursue a longer training (more than a year), then apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) to get a combination of loans and grants that can help you fund your tertiary studies.

    Funding for programs in high-demand fields will be prioritized and will therefore entail a faster approval. Choose from four priority streams with several programs that may qualify for expedited processing. Start your training immediately to move a step closer to your dream job.

    Supportive Health Sciences
    Personal Support Worker
    Medical Office Assistant
    Community Services Worker
    Pharmacy Assistant
    Medical Transcriptionist

    Life Sciences
    Addiction Worker

    Advanced Manufacturing
    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Information & Communications Technology
    Information Technology Administrator
    Applications Developer
    Network Administrator
    Web Technology Specialist
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Better Jobs Ontario - Private Career College

    For 30 years, triOS College has been helping career changers like you become job-ready graduates. Choose the suitable program for you under the Better Jobs Ontario grant from our range of programs in high-demand areas of study such as business, technology, healthcare, law, gaming & design, and supply chain. Our dedicated Employment Specialists can guide you in making the right career decisions to easily carve your path toward your dream job.

    As one of Canada's largest educational institutions, triOS College Business Technology Healthcare is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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