Message from the Founders

We at triOS are focused on our vision of improving lives by sharing our knowledge and passion for excellence.

Frank Gerencser

Chief Executive Officer, triOS College

triOS College Business Technology Healthcare was founded 30 years ago with the goal of helping students become job-ready graduates. To achieve this goal, we have put in place the most dedicated team of instructors and staff to ensure that your education is relevant and the learning environment supports focused learning.

We have a long history of success that is highlighted by the number of awards won by our faculty and students year after year. We are also the only college in Canada to be recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the 13th year in a row and now recognized as a Platinum Club member. We have helped thousands of students transition into successful graduates and our graduates are making significant contributions to their communities.

As the world and jobs change, adult retraining is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We at triOS are focused on our vision of improving lives by sharing our knowledge and passion for excellence and becoming the college of choice for people training for a new career or giving the credentials needed to those looking to advance their careers.

Whether you are attending triOS to advance your career or start a new career, you will be supported by an exceptional team providing services such as ongoing career support and a modern learning experience to ensure your success.

Stuart Bentley

President, triOS College

Welcome to triOS. Our students come from very diverse backgrounds but with the same goal, becoming job-ready and entering the workforce with the skills needed to succeed.

Whether you are new to Canada, continuing your education directly from high school or after working for years, our staff members are committed to your success at every step of the way. Our instructors are qualified professionals with industry-specific expertise giving you access to real-world knowledge and insight that can’t be obtained from a textbook. Our diploma programs are designed with input from industry leaders so that you are equipped with industry knowledge before entering the workforce.

We have an extensive Academic Services Team building and improving unique learning content for each of our programs that is current for today’s work environment. We have a digitally-enabled remote work and learning environment supporting our staff and students as safely as the world transitions through this pandemic.

At triOS you will be able to maintain balance in your school life and personal life with our half-day classes. This gives you the opportunity to work part-time or spend more time with your loved ones.

Through our established relationships within the business community, our Career Services team is here to help you find the best opportunity for you in your chosen field.

We also have a long tradition of hiring our own graduates who have understood the journey of career education and can apply that knowledge in a caring, nurturing and meaningful work environment.