Bring your ideas to life

At triOS, we want to help you to bring your ideas to life. Offering diploma programs in both Video Game Design & Development and Video Game Design Technologies, your career within the exhilarating video game industry begins here.

These programs are designed to give you a solid foundation in video game core theory, delving into key areas like analysis and technical design, prototyping, animation, sound and level design, mobile game development and much more.

Code Your Career Today

When applying for jobs within this industry, portfolio work is vital. Within our programs, you will complete eight gaming projects including: a game prototype, a C++ game, a Flash/ActionScript game, a DirectX game, Unity games, and several mobile games that will contribute to your portfolio.

We encourage you to bring your ideas to life and begin the process of your career in gaming today. Call 1-888-934-2171 or fill out the form on this page to get started.  



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