5 Qualities Bosses Want In Their Administrative Assistant

August 5th, 2016 / By triOS College

While their duties may vary, the best administrative assistants all share some of the same qualities. It is a role that demands certain abilities in order for an office to run smoothly and on schedule.

Here five attributes that are absolutely required of a successful administrative assistant:


Whether you are dealing with a patient at reception, a doctor over the phone, or a supplier via email, you must always be articulate and professional. This also extends to your appearance: always dress in the manner dictated by office protocol.


Sometimes considered separate skills, these often go hand-in-hand in an administrative role. Did you make sure to check the spelling of the medical terminology in that letter to the hospital? Did you order the fall supplies before the due date? Did you answer all of this morning’s emails? Did any messages come in for the doctors while they were out? Is everything okay with the upset patient whose appointment was delayed? Know your deadlines and which tasks need your foremost attention.

These are just a few of the things an administrative assistant may deal with on a typical day. It is very important for you to be good at both organization and prioritization. Work out a system that allows you to do your best in both areas.


You will work with various types of office equipment. While it is certainly permissible to have a repairman address a broken photocopier, or someone from I.T. help you with a computer upgrade, you cannot always rely on others to help. It is up to you to learn the basics of how everything works, either by reading the manuals or taking courses. There are usually not that many pieces of equipment in even the most up-to-date offices, so this is entirely doable. If a training course is required, ask your boss if the company will help with the costs involved.


You play an important role in your office and it is crucial that you be there on time. Showing up late can cause issues for your supervisors, who probably already have a lot of things on their minds.

If you cannot make it into work, try to notify your supervisor as soon as possible, so that someone can take over your role for the day.


Keep your eye open for courses and/or seminars that expand your related knowledge and skills. If your company is not offering them, the organization will often be happy to cover the costs in exchange for the extra talents you gain from the experience. Don’t be afraid to ask! In doing so, you are showing both initiative and that you care about doing the best job you can for the firm.


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