7 Healthy Ways To Reduce Stress

November 25th, 2016 / By triOS College

We all have days where life seems to be an endless stream of problems requiring solutions. Sometimes it reaches the point where most days seem that way and the stress of it all really wears you down.

In small doses, stress is not especially harmful, but if this becomes a regular problem, it is not good for your body or your mind.

Some people rely on alcohol or drugs to relax, and that invariably just creates other issues for them. Here are some healthier ways to help you decompress and regain your sense of balance.


Yes, caffeine can get you going in the morning and keep you going at night, but it also adds to you stress level. Instead of reaching for java, try green tea, which has useful nutrients, antioxidants, and is low in caffeine. Peppermint, ginger, and chamomile tea are also tasty choices that provide health benefits for your body.

Heavy doses of sugar can also add to your anxiety. Enjoy the much more useful natural sugar found in fruit instead.


There are few better ways to relax stress-tightened muscles than to get a massage. A professional massage therapist will know exactly what points to work on. Such appointments can be pricy, however, so it is extra helpful if you have a friend or partner with talented fingers that can work their magic on you.


Meditation is a wonderful way to clear you mind and relax your body. You can practice it in private using recordings or in a group where someone guides the meditation. The practice is so effective that you generally only need a few minutes of meditation to really reap its benefits.


Sometimes life can get so manic, you feel like your head might fly off. It sounds simplistic, but taking deep breaths can really help slow things down for you. Take five deep breathes and slowly exhale. You can also close your eyes.


Exercise is good for both mind and body, so get that pent up stress out in a way that is also good for you!

It is not necessary to have a gym membership. Walking is an excellent and easily accomplished way to clear your head (if it is a pleasant and sunny day, all the better). You can also get an exercise bike for your home or other basic equipment that will allow you to enjoy a mild workout.


Writing down stressful events provides a way to release them from your system. When you experience something similar in future, go back and read your earlier entry. While it was a big deal at the time, reading about it now will likely calm you down. It was not the end of the world then and it won’t be now either.


Music is a wonderful way to engage your mind (and if you like to dance, your body) and live in the moment. Try playing an album full of songs that really engage you and help you think of happy times.

It is important to know how to periodically relax. Doing so allows you to be at your mental and physical peak and that makes it easier for you to overcome life’s challenges. Make sure you leave some time in your schedule to put your feet up and forget about your worries.