7 Ways In Which Pharmacies Serve Canadians Around The Nation

April 21st, 2017 / By triOS College

Everyone knows pharmacies dispense medication to Canadians who have a prescription from their physician. These medications can be as simple as painkillers you cannot buy over-the-counter to things like antibiotics and medication for serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes. However, this is not the only service pharmacies and pharmacists can offer the patients who walk in. Below are six detailed examples of other ways in which pharmacies serve Canadians and ensure we are as healthy as possible.
pharmacist working at counter

Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants serve their patients in many ways. Providing these services is essential to customers’ health and lifestyle, ensuring the best possible health.


Every year the flu vaccination becomes available for whichever strain of influenza is supposed to be the most prevalent for that season. Only some locations in Canada are lucky enough to have specific clinics where people can receive the vaccine. The great news, however, is that all pharmacies are able to administer the influenza vaccine. You can receive quite a few other vaccines there, too.

Medication Delivery

While many patients go directly to the pharmacy in order to pick up their prescription, they may not always be capable of doing so. This could be for any number of reasons, such as severe illness, disability, or age. Many pharmacies have a medication delivery service, which, if you are eligible for it, will conveniently deliver your prescriptions right to your door.


A MedsCheck appointment is where you will review your prescription and non-prescription medications in detail with a pharmacist. This is helpful for those who are taking three or more medications for chronic conditions, are in a long-term care facility, are physically unable to visit the pharmacy, et cetera. The good news is this particular pharmacy service comes free of charge if you possess a valid OHIP card.

Medication Education

Do you need a refresher on how to take your medication (e.g. with or without food)? Do you need to know which side effects to watch out for and ones that are not of any concern? Pharmacists are a great resource for providing patients with education about the specific medications they are taking. Sometimes doctors will run through this quickly, but you can often get much more detail from a pharmacist.

Quitting Smoking Support

Did you know pharmacies are also able to offer support with regards to quitting smoking? The pharmacists can recommend over the counter medication that might be beneficial to you, but also sometimes recommend others which require a prescription. Some pharmacies may also offer a cessation program for smokers, though you will need to talk to your pharmacist to see if you are eligible.

Medication Compliance

Some pharmacies can also offer medication compliance assistance. This means they have tools to help you remember when and how to take your medication, so your health will not suffer. This is especially helpful for those who need to take medication at a certain time every day, or have a habit of forgetting to take their pills altogether.

Let’s Get Started

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