8 Apps That Enhance Your Productivity

September 23rd, 2016 / By triOS College

Most of us have our smartphones with us at all times, and some believe that the nation’s productivity has suffered as a result. That is true—if you are using your phone for nothing but gaming, texting, or aimless surfing. Our cellphones can actually be great aids when it comes to improving and maintaining work output, and there are many apps that enhance your productivity. Here are a few well worth investigating:


Ever wonder how much time you spend online and on which sites? RescueTime will track that for you and send you a report. There is a free version with the basic functions, and a paid edition that will actually block sites that you feel eat up time and do not contribute to your work. Perfect for those who need a willpower boost!


Are you one of those people always scrambling for a paper and pen because inspiration has just struck? Well, you won’t need to do worry about that with Evernote, because you can easily record your ideas and then share them across any device.


Are you familiar with Dragon Naturally Speaking? It is the most popular hands-free dictation device available for computer users, and this version brings the technology to your smartphone. In addition to dictation, the app will send emails, make appointments, and create reminders for you. You can also create your own voiceprint, ensuring that no one other than you can use the app.


Are you old enough to remember rolodexes and address books? If not, don’t worry about it because they are now completely obsolete thanks to apps like FullContact. This incredibly handy program automatically collects contact information and brings it all together into one place. If you find yourself constantly struggling to remember a phone number or email address, this is incredibly handy.


To do lists are a great way to stay organized and get things done, but they can be hard to use on a cellphone. Any.do not only makes it simple, but the app can also sync across all of your devices, making it that much easier to stay on time and on track.


There’s nothing worse than having your mind go blank right before a job interview or important meeting. This handy app quickly syncs with LinkedIn and other sites allowing you to get a quick primer on your subject before the moment of truth.


If you manage a number of social media profiles as part of your job, Hootsuite can save you a great deal of time because it posts across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. It can also come in handy off the job, too, if you like to keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts up-to-date.


One of the things that eats up the most time on the internet is keeping up with various websites. Visiting and scrolling through numerous articles in search of relevant information is incredibly time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily jump between sites and have article summaries ready to go for you? FlipBoard does just that, leaving the time you need to properly consume the articles that are most relevant to your interests.