Careers In Occupational Therapy Providing Ongoing Care

February 9th, 2016 / By triOS College


Did you know that the demand for occupational therapists is on the rise in Canada? These numbers are important, because fixing an injury of any kind is just one part of the rehabilitation process. Often, we must continue to care for strains, broken bones, and muscle injuries for quite a while after the initial occurrence of the injury or other medical issue. This is especially true of persistent injuries such as ones affecting the back and neck—rehabilitating these ailments can sometimes take weeks or months, and special care must be taken at every step to ensure a quick and effective recovery.


Of course, occupational therapy is not limited only to physical injuries and ailments. Mental disorders and disabilities such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), autism, and eating disorders can also impact one’s day-to-day personal life and occupational performance. No matter what a person’s physical or mental health situation is like, an occupational therapist must know how to aid one’s healing process from start to finish.

Therapists in the fields of physical and mental disabilities work closely with medical professionals to help people get back on track from their health problems. triOS College’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program covers everything you need to know for a rewarding career as a therapy assistant. Whether you are just starting out in the field, or looking to extend your healthcare career into this field of medicine, our program is sure to offer you a practical and exciting foray into occupational therapy.


Occupational therapy, like any kind of rehabilitation program, is an on-going process—from healing the initial injury or ailment to the rehabilitation stage, therapy is necessary to helping people get the most of their lives after an accident or mental illness situation.

These kinds of jobs can be found in a variety of places and medical occupations: sports medicine, community health agencies, retirement homes, hospitals, and private rehabilitation centres are often in need of assistance to help medical professionals help patients with the rehabilitation and therapy they need.

Again, the physical aspect of the job is only one part of it—occupational therapy assistants must be courteous, empathetic, and patient with their clients, especially when helping one cope with mental illness. Caring for people is a difficult but rewarding task, and it takes a strong-willed and kind-hearted person to do it.


At triOS College, we understand the need for a balance between classroom work and practical application. That is why we have designed our 16-week program to offer the theoretical and technical knowledge required to apply your skills to the real world of occupational therapy.

The perks don’t stop there—the program offers weekend and evening classes for those with families and other full-time obligations, instruction from occupational therapists currently working in the field, and eligibility for canfitpro certification in personal training.


Whether you work in healthcare and wish to expand your knowledge into therapy, or are just getting started with your career, triOS has you covered. Contact us today for more information on our program and its offerings!


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