From Medical Office Administrator to Digital Marketing – Sue’s Story

September 30th, 2022

Before going back to school, Sue was a Medical Office Administrator. While she enjoyed meeting new people each day and enjoyed solving problems and making sure the office ran smoothly, something was missing. With a love of drawing, painting, and crafting, Sue wanted to be able to express herself creatively at work – applying her design and writing skills, which was something she couldn’t do in a medical office.

Susanne Ventura

triOS College Digital Marketing Specialist diploma program student – Sue V.


“I liked my previous job, but I didn’t feel like I could grow or move up. It was the same routine day in and day out, and I wanted to do something where I got to be creative and to think out-of-the-box.”

She also wanted a career that she could do remotely, where she could have the freedom to work where she pleased. The decision to go back to school wasn’t easy. As a single mom of three kids, she needed to find a program that was flexible so that she could balance school with being a mother. After some research and recommendations, she came across the Digital Marketing Specialist program at triOS.

The flexibility and length of the program really stood out to Sue – she could study while still being there for her kids. With the pandemic, classes shifted from in-class to remote. While it was a change, she quickly realized how accessible her instructors were, making themselves just as available to her when she had questions or needed a hand.

“I was nervous when I learned that I would be studying remotely, but it turned out to be a blessing. My instructors were there whenever I needed them, and I loved being able to study at home with my family. I think being able to do things with my kids during breaks really helped keep me motivated, because I remembered I was doing this for them.”

Studying at home was especially nice during the summer, as she didn’t have to worry about arranging childcare while her children were at home on summer vacation. Sue appreciated the little things, like being able to step away from her computer and have lunch with her kids, or being able to go for walks with them during breaks in class.

Sue began her internship here at triOS College, and has been a motivated, valuable, and talented member of the team. She’s been able to apply what she’s learned in the classroom to make meaningful contributions, and has even taken the lead on projects. Sue says she feels confident moving into the workforce after all she’s learned at triOS, and knows that she will have the support of the College throughout her career.

“I know I made the right choice by coming to triOS. Everyone has been so supportive and they all want to see the other students and I succeed. I’m so thankful for the support and can’t wait to move onto the next chapter with my new career.”