Job Interview Best Practices: 3 Things You Should Know

May 13th, 2016 / By triOS College

There are some things in life that you can leave to chance, but a job interview is not one of them. One of the first things you probably learned as a student at triOS College was the value of preparation. As the course calendar is shorter than most colleges, you are required to do a great deal of work on your own. This experience serves as valuable preparation for job interviews.

In some cases, you spend a long time waiting to get a job interview, while other times one unexpectedly comes your way. Whether you have a long or short time to prepare for that special appointment, here are some things you can do to help ensure a good performance.


You prepare for your next college class by doing homework beforehand. That way, you can follow the lesson easily. It also helps save you from potential embarrassment if the instructor asks you a question.

A job interview is a similar situation. You study by learning about the company, the position, and the qualifications they would like applicants to have. It is not the end of the world if you cannot answer a question, but it can create some doubt in the minds of yourself and the interviewer.


Research the sort of questions commonly asked at interviews for the job you seek. Have a friend pretend to be the interviewer while you answer these questions to the best of your ability. An even better option is a job counselling service. Their workers are very good at analyzing the types of answers you provide and can offer tips on how you can be even more effective.

Don’t just practice the “easy” ones. Think about questions you had trouble with in previous interviews: how would you answer them differently? These questions can cause the most anxiety. Knowing what you would say beforehand makes a world of difference.

Prepare some anecdotes about how you excelled in difficult circumstances that could relate to the question. No interviewer expects an applicant to be perfect, but they do hope you learn from your mistakes. You should also think about what provides you with the most job satisfaction. Employers large and small like to ask about this because it helps determine whether you will be a good fit with the company.


While you prepare to answer the interviewer’s questions, you should also think of some of your own to ask the interviewer. This shows initiative and enthusiasm about the company and its possibilities for you as an employee. It also reveals that you are organized and happy to do extra work to make a good impression.


Ask yourself:

  • Do you have your wardrobe chosen and ready?
  • Do you know where the interview is taking place?
  • Is your résumé updated?
  • Do you have an updated References list available, in case the interviewer asks for one?
  • Have you taken steps to ensure you get a good night’s sleep?

Wonderful things can happen spontaneously, but you are more likely to succeed in life through careful preparation. This thought absolutely applies to job interviews. As with most everything, they become easier with practice, but even seasoned job hunters do their homework beforehand. Taking the time to prepare demonstrates that you care enough to do your very best at the interview, and that is half the battle.


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