Student Success Story: How Jason Ebarvia’s Addiction Worker Diploma Led Him To Success

December 13th, 2019 / By triOS College

Jason Ebarvia was a respected doctor and the municipal officer of health in his hometown in the Philippines. But he knew his life – and career – would change when he immigrated to Canada.

“Before we came here to Canada, we knew it was going to be tough and we were ready to change careers,” Jason says of his decision to move his family to Toronto.

“Unfortunately, when you’re here, you want to practice what you loved before. You think about all of the sacrifices that are made by you and your parents back home just for you to finish medicine.”

When Jason arrived in Canada, he was told he would have to write a series of expensive exams just for a chance to earn his Canadian medical credentials. Back in the Philippines, he says, he’d heard horror stories about the “thousands” of Filipino doctors who had written those exams, but who still ended up working “odd jobs” for years.


group of men sitting together addiction support

Building on previous experience and background to create a new career in Canada is possible.


Not wanting to end up in a similar position, Jason decided to go back to school to train as an addiction worker at Toronto’s triOS College. He said he was particularly interested in the course because he had previously been a part of a local anti-drug council in the Philippines.

“I thought, if you cannot have Canadian experience, why not get Canadian education so you can be competitive, he says. “So I looked for a program where I could use my medical background.”

” At triOS College, Jason gained both the education and the internship experience he needed to succeed in his new career. Now, he’s working as a medical research assistant at a large research company, where he has a chance to build a meaningful career in Canada.

Even better, he says, many of daily tasks use the same skills he used as a doctor, such as examining vital signs, doing blood work, and interviewing people about their medical history. He also uses his medical experience when selecting people to take part in studies.

“It’s a good job – it’s very good,” he says about his work these days.

“Because I started at triOS it gives me an advantage.”

Visit triOS College’s Addiction Worker program page to learn more.