Supply Chain Management: How Quickly Can You Learn The Field?

August 11th, 2015 / By triOS College

Do you want to become a trained supply chain manager in under a year? triOS College can help you do so! Supply chain management has been around in its current form for decades, but it’s always changing. Supply Chain Management positions go to those who love figuring out puzzles. Becoming a manager in this field means that you’ll need to meet customer demands in volume, quality, and timing on a daily basis. Your responsibilities include making the consumer market world go ‘round.

Oh, did we mention the four-month internship to get your career started?


group in factory with logistics being planned The supply chain management process is an integral part of most businesses and plays a vital role in their success and customer satisfaction.

Think About Your End Destination

Supply chains are like giant puzzles, comprised of labour, production, and time. Very few people get to see the whole thing pieced together, and those who do rise to the top of the ladder. Where do you see yourself fitting into the system?

There are plenty of areas of specialization to start your career:

  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Supplying
  • Distribution and transport (high costs call for creativity)
  • Inventory management (high cost, high stakes!)


Logisticians run supply chains from a mathematical perspective – they boil down the process to numbers that represent a company’s assets, costs, competitive advantage, and niche offerings. They can tell you if a supply chain operation is numerically feasible, and they often fix problems that drain money from their companies.


Purchasers specialize in procuring materials for their supply chains to use in their final products. Not every piece of the supply chain sells “consumer ready” products, but they all improve an existing material and send it to the next stop on the chain. Some supply chain models assemble various parts and pieces in order to create a finished or semi-finished product – you can see examples of this in the automotive industry. Also, purchasers negotiate with suppliers to get the best price on parts.

Some managers do a bit of everything while also specializing in a certain aspect of any given supply chain. Transportation and inventory management usually costs more than any other parts of a supply chain system, which is why so many companies want to hire supply chain managers who can drive down costs in those areas. Successful supply chain managers do all of this, as well as bring creative solutions to the table.

How will you solve the supply chain puzzle?

Learn Efficiently

How should you go about learning the basics of supply chain management? Should you buy a book online and read through it? You could, but that won’t earn you many stripes. You can get certification, although much certification goes to people with experience in the field first.

With our in-depth program, you’ll learn about changing global trends, how to operate professionally in the real world, and how to apply the most up-to-date theory behind leading supply chain networks.

Let’s Get Started

Start your supply chain career with triOS College. Get the formal training, guidance, connections, and the proper certification that you need to enter the field with a competitive advantage. Supply chain management is a booming field, and you can change the way that people buy consumer goods. Call us today to get started on your supply chain management program!

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