The Smartphone: 5 Ways To Start Using Your’s Productively

July 1st, 2016 / By triOS College

Virtually everyone has a smartphone and, like computers, they have become an important part of our lives. Regardless, this handy bit of technology has developed something of a bad reputation in recent years.

Some see a smartphone as the enemy of productivity, and it is true that people can use them as a way to slack off from work. It is even possible to develop an unhealthy addiction to your phone. A recent study found that college students spend as much as 8-10 hours per day on their phone, which is pretty mind-boggling.

However, whether technology benefits or hurts us is all in how we use it. Feeling like your phone is impacting your ability to study and keep up with your schoolwork? Then absolutely turn it off or even put it in another room while you work.

That said, you can also make use of a smartphone and it’s capabilities to both acquire and enhance your knowledge.


Our smartphones are so sophisticated, you may find yourself rarely even making use of their primary intended function: phone calls. Your triOS classes often last only a few weeks, so it may not always be possible to meet with fellow students for projects and studying outside class. However, you can easily speak on the phone or text questions and new ideas to each other.

You can also email pictures of diagrams or other materials. If you are not sure of something, providing a quick visual to another person can help tremendously when it comes to getting assistance.


If you have a data plan, a phone is basically a portable computer, so make use of its ability as a research tool. If you are between classes and do not have access to your desktop computer or laptop, use the search engine to look up information you need for your work.


There are podcasts devoted to everything under the sun, including many on educational topics. Instead of simply listening to music all of the time, download a few podcasts related to the classes you study. This is a free and easy way to enhance your learning while you commute, get groceries, or clean around the house.


Are you not very good when it comes to taking notes? Your phone can be a huge help here because there are many apps available that allow you to record lectures. This way you can go back and review what you might have missed and use the recording to help you memorize certain information. Before you record a class, please make sure to get your instructor’s permission first.

You can also use the recording app for dictation and an easy way to save any ideas that pop into your head.


Depending on the course you are taking, you may need to prepare a presentation. Incorporate photos or videos taken with your phone into a PowerPoint slide show. These will make your presentation more dynamic, thus better holding your fellow students’ attention and making them more motivated to learn. Be sure to get the permission of people you wish to photograph or take a video of beforehand.

Make use of our tips, so that the next time someone accuses you of spending too much time with your phone, you can properly educate them!

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