Use Social Media To Find Your Next Job — It’s The New Norm!

April 8th, 2016 / By triOS College

Social media has become such a vital part of our lives, it is hard to imagine going back to a time when we couldn’t instantly access our friends and relatives. There is no denying that websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram eat up time you could be using more productively. However, these sites can also be valuable allies in other parts of your life, such as the quest for employment.

Young people already know about the speed and convenience of a social media-enhanced job search. Don’t worry if you are not very tech-savvy – there are easy steps available to increase your chances of finding that dream position.


When it comes to job search, there is no better current social media resource than LinkedIn. Many companies post opportunities on job banks, but LinkedIn eliminates the middle man. Direct interaction with the employer’s representative is easy. This is a great advantage because so much of looking for a job involves getting noticed. Create a LinkedIn account with an updated resume, so that your qualifications are instantly available for viewing. Search for accounts on the site with the word “careers” in their name and investigate them. LinkedIn also has a section called Skills & Endorsements, where colleagues can recommend you on the basis of a certain talent. While not the final word on your abilities, it is a handy way for hiring managers to get a feel for you.


These hugely popular social media sites are not viewed as often by recruiters or hiring managers, but they can still have a positive influence on your job search. Networking is a key aspect of finding a new position and here is where Facebook and Twitter really shine. Use your status updates to let connections know you are looking for work. Tell everyone the type of position you desire and ask if they have any leads or connections they could share. Immediate friends and family should already know this and be on the lookout, but here is a quick and easy way to pass the message along to everyone else. Be sure to also follow accounts set up by organizations where you would like to work.

Remember when using either of these sites that your profile needs to be professional and organized. If your current one is not, start a second account strictly for job search purposes.


If you have only browsed through this popular photo site, it might seem like nothing more than a collection of selfies and other frivolous pictures. However, many companies also have an Instagram presence that allows you to easily get an idea of that firm’s culture. Most importantly, the site provides a highly visual and interesting way to showcase your skills.
Instagram is a great resource for those seeking employment in creative fields. Your resume provides a list of your talents, but Instagram allows you to sell those abilities with eye-catching photos. Add the proper hashtags to those pictures in order to attract the right people, and you have a great way of connecting with prospective employers.

Social media as a job search strategy should never fully replace more traditional methods. Use it as a way to enhance them and get your name and qualifications out to more people. The wider you cast your net, the more people you connect with. That means a greater likelihood of landing the occupation you truly desire.


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