Krystal – #WhoWeAre

November 19th, 2022


It’s been very hard. I lost a car in November of last year and I recently just got my car back. When I lost my car… this is the hard thing for me… Any time it’s regarding my son. We’ve been through a lot. When I lost my car, I had to take my son to my parents, so he’s been having to stay with them full-time while I’m in school. I’ve only been able to see him on weekends, but now that I’ve got the car I can see him. I tried to tell him it’s just temporary, ‘mommy’s only doing this to make life better for us.’ He’s a super smart boy, the best child, very understanding. He’s seeing with mommy going to school and making it a priority, he realises how important school is. He asks to do his reading while I’m doing my homework. He’s starting to connect that schoolwork is important and needs to be done first before play time. I’m glad I’ve been able to teach him that. It’s thanks to people here as well, they’re not just teachers and staff, they help push you on. They support you.