Career Fairs

We help get you in front of potential employers.

It is our mission to make meaningful connections with employers so that we have pre-existing opportunities for internship placements, as well as job placements.

Our career fairs are an opportunity for students to meet with potential employers, and practice the skills that they are learning so that they are ready for the reality of job searching after finishing their program.

Students are able to introduce themselves, talk about their program, as well as show the employer their resumes. In addition to practice, these Career Fairs are a great opportunity for our students to get started on doing some real networking.

Student Career Services

At triOS, your success is our success. That is why our Career Services department is here. We will work with you to ensure that you have all the required professional skills to search out the opportunities that are right for you.

Career Quiz

Take a quick and easy quiz to find out more about yourself, your goals, and identify your strengths and social style. This quiz gives you suggestions for what career areas you might consider based on your likes and preferences. Give it a try now!