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NOC CODE:2175, 2281


The triOS industry-leading Web Technology Specialist (WTS) Diploma Program is designed for the individual seeking knowledge in computer, web and mobile application development. More specifically, students learn how to develop interactive web content using technologies including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as learn how to develop application programs for use on desktops and servers using technologies including Java, C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server.

Students receive:

  • Training on HTML5, CSS, Javascript, C#, SQL, Java, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 2 certification exam vouchers for Adobe ACA
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Imagine Premium and Windows are included in the program fees


Career Management

Our Career Management program introduces students to the strategies and components of an effective job search, including self-marketing and awareness, skills inventory, job search tools and the job market. The Career Management course is delivered by our on-campus Career Services Team who are there throughout the job search to assist and mentor students towards achieving their ultimate goal of employment in their field of study. Our Team of Career Services Professionals maintain relationships in their communities with key employers and organizations that recognize the value triOS graduates have to offer. The skills learned throughout Career Management at triOS will continue to serve students in their job search as they navigate their new careers.

Introduction to C# and ASP.NET Programming

This course provides thorough coverage of object-oriented programming fundamentals in general, and C# programming fundamentals in particular. Students will examine such topics as multi-threading, XAML, the Windows Presentation Foundation, and dynamic data structures. Moreover, the programming principles learned in C# can be applied to other languages.

Java Programming

This course gives an overview of the basics of JAVA and quickly gets into object oriented programming with Java topics also covered include, GUI Applets, GUI components, Strings, data structures, Multithreading, Networking, database driven web applications and Java Web Services.


JavaScript enables Web publishers to add interactivity and intelligence to their HTML documents, increasing the usefulness of the things they publish on the Internet. Javascript is not nearly as complex as Java or ActiveX, and anyone willing to work through some exercises will be able to create useful programs in just a few days. This course assumes only a limited knowledge of HTML page creation. It takes the student from the most elementary aspects of JavaScript programming-embedding scripts in HTML documents, using comments, creating variables, using loops, using logic statements and creating functions-and helps them progress all the way through mastery of JavaScript's powerful event handlers.

Programming Logic and Design

Provide beginning programmers with a guide to developing object-oriented program logic with this course. This course takes a unique, language-independent approach to ensure students develop a strong foundation in traditional programming principles and object-oriented concepts before learning the details of a specific programming language. The course covers object-oriented programming terminology without highly technical language, making the course ideal for students with no previous programming experience. Common business examples clearly illustrate key points. The course begins with a strong object-oriented focus that make even the most challenging programming concepts accessible. A wealth of updated programming exercises provide diverse practice opportunities.

SQL Programming

In this course, students will learn about the theory behind relational databases, relational database nomenclature, and relational algebra. Areas covered include the Structured Query Language (SQL) and optimizing databases through normalization. Students will apply their knowledge with hands-on exercises designed to teach the intricacies of database design methodology.

Web Technology Specialist Internship

At the successful completion of the classroom hours of this program, students will be placed in a 240-hour internship at an outside organization. Students will have the opportunity to apply their new and developed skills in a real-world environment. Hosts include small, medium, and large organizations that have an Information Technology department, or organizations that provide technology services.


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Careers include Web Programmer / Developer, Application Programmer / Developer, Internet Site Designer, Software Programmer / Developer, Mobile Web Developer and Database Programmer / Developer.
Note: Some career and education options may require advanced degrees, further training or experience.


Approximately 11,700 new jobs in web design and development are expected from 2015-2024 [in Canada]."Explore Careers - Job Market Report." WebDesigners and Developers (NOC 2175-A).


  • Adobe
  • Ad Films
  • Challenger Motor Freight Inc.
  • Cyberteks Design
  • Department of National Defence – Atlantic
  • FPM3 Marketing
  • National Research Council
  • Philip & Henry Productions
  • Stream International Canada LNC
  • TNP Group
  • And more!


Average Wage ($/hr)  - $25.00
High Wage ($/hr)        - $43.27



Students who successfully complete this program will be eligible to write certification exams leading to the following designations: 2
Adobe ACA designations. Students are provided with 2 certification exam vouchers to write the certifications they wish to pursue.


High School Graduation Diploma or Mature Student Status (18 years of age and high school equivalency assessment passed).


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