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May 15, 2017 @ 0 CAMPUSEVOLUTION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYAs a Dean for the Technology Faculty of triOS College, a private college in Canada, I’m always looking to make our programs more aligned to the industry - my motto is: always look forward and never look back!FULL ARTICLE
May 01, 2017 @ 0 CAMPUSBEING A LAW AND SECURITY OFFICE SECURITY GUARDLet’s start with the past history of security guards in North America. Private security came into existence when a need for extra security was seen by companies that needed to transport money and gold over long distances during the early settlement of western North America. The local train robbers of the time took advantage of the lack of security by the local police and robbed at will.FULL ARTICLE
April 15, 2017 @ 0 CAMPUSWHAT IS SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS? PART 1Welcome to this 5 part series describing Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL)! Often people are curious regarding what exactly is SCL? We hear on the radio that it employs many people and we know it covers many activities. At a macro level SCL includes the purchasing, moving and converting all goods and services required to meet consumer demand. From the beginning of time, the forces of supply and demand have been at work and SCL providers have been determining how to supply the products to fill demand at the most efficient and effective means possible.FULL ARTICLE
April 01, 2017 @ 0 CAMPUSPTA/OTA KNOCKING OPPORTUNITIESWithout even listening too closely, Physiotherapy Assistants (PTAs) and Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs) should be able to hear opportunity knocking.FULL ARTICLE
March 01, 2017 @ 0 CAMPUSINCREASING TECHNOLOGY FOR HEALTHCARE WORKERSGone are the days when documentation is done on paper. The majority of it is done on a computer or smartphone device. In many community agencies, the staff is expected to report/sign in on their smartphone, check their messages from their supervisor and retrieve their working schedule. They also can be asked to enter their hours worked and get their pay stub information online.FULL ARTICLE
February 15, 2017 @ 0 CAMPUSEMPLOYMENT STANDARDS ACT AND OVERTIMEAt triOS college in the HRM component of the business program we familiarise students with the key aspects of the employment law. Employees feel that they know the employment laws fairly well, but a small misinterpretation of law can unnecessarily expose an employer to potential legal action.FULL ARTICLE
January 01, 2017 @ 0 CAMPUSPROFESSIONALISM IN THE WORKPLACEWhat is professionalism? It is a specific style of behaviour that is exhibited in the behaviour of the individual. Being professional, refers to your conduct at work.FULL ARTICLE
December 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSEMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKERSMany PSW’s ask if there are employment opportunities for them when they graduate. The answer is yes, as the field of opportunities for PSW’s grows both in the community as well as in the institutional setting. The triOS College PSW training program is geared to prepare students to work with a variety of age groups from infants to older people. PSW’s are now being employed in a variety of settings and in multiple workplaces.FULL ARTICLE
November 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSPSW INSTRUCTORS AS ROLE MODELSPersonal Support Worker (PSW) instructors set examples for the students they are instructing, both in the classroom and in the clinical setting. Their professionalism, adherence to dress code, preparedness for the class - whether in classroom or clinical setting - and punctuality illustrate some of the qualities the students must have in order to succeed in the workplace.FULL ARTICLE
October 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSPHYSIOTHERAPY MONTH MAY 2014May is National Physiotherapy Month. This year Physiotherapists, Physiotherapist Assistants and Physiotherapy clients will be celebrating almost 100 years of Physiotherapy in Canada. Since World War I, Physiotherapy professionals have been working hard to help meet the health needs of Canadians, particularly those with injuries or disabilities. In 1917 the first formal six-month Physiotherapy training program was launched at the University of Toronto as a response to the needs of injured veterans returning from battle.FULL ARTICLE
September 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSUSING A DUAL STORAGE STRATEGYIf you’ve recently shopped for a PC, you’ve probably noticed that those PCs that ship with an Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of a standard hard drive are much more expensive, and usually come with other higher-end components.FULL ARTICLE
August 12, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSTHE EVOLUTION OF THE IBM PC INDUSTRYToday is the 33rd anniversary of the IBM PC, which was announced on August 12th 1981.FULL ARTICLE
August 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSA GUIDE TO FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWAREThe picture to the right is the annual Software Freedom Day event in Kitchener from this past year ( For those who are unfamiliar with the event, it is an event that is closely tied to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) started by Richard Stallman (shown above giving a live speech over the Internet).FULL ARTICLE
August 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSCHANGES FORTHCOMING IN PARALEGAL LICENSING REQUIREMENTSAccording to the Law Society of Upper Canada - the regulator for paralegal accreditation in Ontario, "paralegal licensing processes will undergo a review and revision over the next several months to provide a more robust pre-licensing training and testing system that will result in strengthened entry-level standards."FULL ARTICLE
July 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSTHE MODERN VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY STARTED WITH SPACE INVADERSOn June 5th 1978, Taito unleashed Space Invaders to the world. It promptly chewed up 8 billion quarters within 3 years and popularized the video game industry worldwide! Before Space Invaders, video games = Pong. After Space Invaders, people realized that video games could do much more.FULL ARTICLE
June 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSTHE JOURNEY...PART ONE“You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution!”- empowering quote by Serge LeClerc, former Saskatchewan Member of Legislative Assembly.FULL ARTICLE
May 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSCOUNTER-TERRORISM STRATEGYA look at a new frontier in policing, 9/11 took us all by surprise. Terrorism, which we all believed happened only “over there” had now come to North America.FULL ARTICLE
April 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSWHAT IS SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS? PART 3 - CONSISTENCY OF SUPPLY AND SECONDARY SOURCESIn supply chain there are many activities that must be completed flawlessly to ensure consistency of supply, but how do we reduce the risk of supply interuption? The answer can seem obvious, have many suppliers. In supply chain, it is not that simple.FULL ARTICLE
March 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSTHE FUTURE OF TRANSCRIPTION IN THE MEDICAL OFFICEFor a medical office assistant (MOA), medical language and transcription skills are an important part of their training experience. But in these days of outsourcing, electronic health records, and voice recognition software, are these skills still necessary for medical office work?FULL ARTICLE
February 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSTHE IMPORTANCE OF PERSON CENTRED PLANNING IN HUMAN SERVICESWhether you are attempting to find a new place to live, learn a new skill, or make any change in your life, it is understood that you need to make informed decisions on how you, as a unique individual, can accomplish your own goals and meet your own needs. When working as a Community Services Worker, or in any other capacity as a Human Service Worker, your job will include helping people to make informed decisions that light their own paths, regardless of what you or anyone else feels is ‘right’ for them.FULL ARTICLE
January 01, 2016 @ 0 CAMPUSWHAT’S YOUR OPINION?Everybody has an opinion, right? We’ve all heard from our family, friends, strangers on the bus, and small talk in the grocery store what people’s opinions are about citizens using social services. Terms like “Welfare Bum”, “Crazy Psycho”, and “Crackhead” are commonly used to label people in our society. Unfortunately, those who are using the labels are grossly misinformed. Furthermore, those who are grossly misinformed seem to have the loudest voices! It’s important to see how proper education on social issues can lead to more realistic and optimistic views of our society.FULL ARTICLE
October 31, 2014 @ 0 CAMPUSTHE HIGH IMPACT STRATEGIC PLAN: NOT JUST FOR BIG BUSINESS!By John Skelton, MA, CPIM, Faculty Head, Supply Chain & Logistics, October 31, 2014FULL ARTICLE