Please be advised, triOS College is not affected by the strike. All of our nine campuses are open and classes are running AS SCHEDULED.

FOR ANY INQUIRIES CALL: 1-800-898-7467


Refer a friend to triOS todayTo make it easy and rewarding to tell your friends and family members about triOS College, we have created a Referral Rewards Program. Whether you are a current triOS student, a triOS graduate or have come in to interview with us, we invite you to provide a referral.

If you refer triOS to a friend or family member, and they decide to enroll in any one of our diploma programs, we will reward you with a special gift!

It’s that easy!

How It Works

1. Fill out the referral form.
2. Your friend or family member meets with a triOS Education Consultant.
3. Once your referral enrolls in a triOS program and attends class for a period of 30 days, you will be contacted by triOS to get your reward!

Find out how easy it is to make a difference in the lives of the people you care about, refer them to triOS College today!