Please be advised, triOS College is not affected by the strike. All of our nine campuses are open and classes are running AS SCHEDULED.

FOR ANY INQUIRIES CALL: 1-800-898-7467


When your company requires qualified candidates to fill a role within your organization, you can call triOS.

Our Career Services team will find you the right individual to fit in with your corporate culture. Working simultaneously with our students and employers like yourself, we make sure that the perfect match is made whether it is for an internship, a part-time position, or a permanent job placement within your company.


When our students graduate from their programs, they have received extensive training and feel confident and ready to put their skills to use. The critical skills they acquire while on internship is a crucial part of their success in finding jobs.

When you host an intern from triOS, we will save you valuable time and resources by pairing you with a candidate that you can rely on while they carry out their internship at your company.

triOS offers an effective approach to recruitment by assisting you with any pre-screening processes, ensuring that you are getting the best match possible when hosting one of our students.

We give you a simple solution so that you get the help you need, and the job gets done right. With all internships occurring at the end of the students program, your company will benefit from a highly trained student who is eager to gain real world experience using their newly acquired skills.


It all starts with letting us know what resources you need on your team. Our Career Services team will then get to work on putting together a group of triOS graduates who are ready when you are.

When you contact us, we will confirm the details of what your company’s hiring needs are. We then match you with a graduate who has all of the right qualifications as well as personality traits necessary to mesh well with your existing staff, and fill the open positions within your organization.

We take care of all the small details so that you don’t have to waste precious time and resources. We are happy to conduct pre-screening assessments on your behalf so that you are paired with the best fit possible.

You’re invited! We plan multiple no-cost career fairs at all of our nine locations across Ontario, so that you may interact with our students and graduates, who are excited about these opportunities.