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Are you new to Canada and looking to pursue a Canadian education? triOS College celebrates multiculturalism within our eight campuses across Ontario, meaning that you will be welcomed with open arms. triOS offers programs across the 6 faculties of Business, Technology, Healthcare, Law, Supply Chain, and Gaming & Design, so that you can get into your new career in Canada.  

For an inside look at what it is like to study at triOS, as someone who is new to Canada, watch the video below and see some frequently asked questions answered by our Regional Director of Admissions.

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Yogesh Baweja has 15 years worth of experience in the education sector and is currently the Regional Director of Admissions at triOS College. Yogesh moved to Canada from India in 2000, with a background in dentistry, and worked odd jobs before going back to school to upgrade his applications skills; he then successfully secured a job working in the education sector. He believes that going back to school is the fastest way to get settled in Canada, and encourages newcomers to take advantage of the free career consultations offered by triOS College to get started!

Q: Why is going back to school important when settling in Canada? 

A: Most companies in Canada are looking for Canadian education or Canadian experience. This is what most immigrants struggle with. They will send resumes, but they are not getting any calls back. When they go back to school, they get Canadian education that helps them get in front of the recruiter so that they can talk about themselves, which increases their chances of gaining employment. Most of our programs come with an internship, so when a newcomer to Canada takes one of our programs and gets to the internship at the end, they are getting an opportunity to turn that internship into their first job, or at the very least, they now have Canadian work experience to put on their resume. It will open doors for them and they will start getting interviews, which gives them a chance to talk about their work experience that they received in their home country.

Q: Why are my credentials/work experience not valid in Canada?

A: They are definitely valid. By getting a Canadian education, you will be opening doors into jobs that you are qualified for, and with your past experience from back home, you will move up through your job much faster. In certain programs, there are certifications you need to have (that we provide) or accreditations that you must take exams for (healthcare, law, etc.) triOS helps to get you what employers are looking for.

Q: What kind of funding is available for newcomers to Canada? 

A: There are many funding options available. Connecting with a Financial Aid Officer (FAO) will allow you to learn about the many options that you can qualify for, and the FAO will assist you with applying to the various funding options. We allow you to take the information home to review, and make an informed decision.

Q: I have been out of school for a very long time. Does triOS start with the basics?

A: Yes, all of our programs start from the basics. We specialize in students coming back to school, and that is how our programs are designed. We teach one course at a time, it is not like back home where you take one course in the morning and then a different one in the evening. You will be doing one course, write your exam in that course, and then move on to the next course. It is one module at a time. It is structured so that you can build upon your courses.

Q: How do I know if my English and communications skills are up to par? 

A: Come in and meet with an Education Consultant, they will be able to guide you. The quality of your English and communications skills are directly related to the field of work you want to get into. If you need support with your English and communication skills, the triOS staff will direct you to several different programs through our partners that can help you upgrade your skills.

Q: Can I get advanced standing for the education I received in my country? 

A: Advanced standing is approved on a case-by-case basis. We suggest that you bring your credentials from your home country with you when you meet with one of our Education Consultants, and they will review them with you before you send them to be evaluated by either ICAS in Guelph, CES at UofT, or WES.

Q: What does an employer need from me to be able to work in Ontario? 

A: This depends heavily on which field of study you are choosing. As mentioned above, certain fields require certifications or accreditations to be achieved in passing exams specific to your line of work. What employers look for first and foremost in Canada is Canadian education and Canadian work experience.

Q: How does my age affect coming back to school? 

A: Canadians are always going back to school! No matter what stage you are at in your life, triOS offers support and specializes in assisting its students with changing career paths and becoming job-ready for their future.

Q: When you come in to meet with one of our Education Consultants, they will take you on a tour of the campus and you will see students of all ages and ethnicities sitting in the classrooms. We are inclusive of everyone who wants to become a job-ready graduate.

Q: Where can I get job-specific training? 

A: The easiest way to get job-specific training is by completing an internship within your program. Most of the programs at triOS come with an internship, and as a student you will benefit from one-on-one job placement assistance from one of our Employment Specialists. They will assist you with tailoring your new resume and cover letter so that you will start getting interviews, as well as help you find employment in your new field.

Q: What should I do if I want to study in Ontario? 

A: Come in to the triOS campus closest to you, and meet with one of our Education Consultants to have an in-depth (free) career consultation to choose a program that best matches your career goals.

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