Student Ambassador Program

We want our students to make the most out of their experience at triOS - be part of the culture!

What is the Student Ambassador program?

Get involved outside of the classroom by participating in the triOS Student Ambassador program! The triOS Student Ambassador program is a student-run operation within each of our campuses that enhances your overall student experience. The program allows students to develop valuable soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork and innovation, while enhancing communication between campus staff and students. The program has increased overall student satisfaction, and has helped many of our graduates secure enriching jobs when they finish their education.

Some of the benefits of joining the Student Ambassador Program are:

  • The opportunity to be part of a self-governing team of students whose missions is to enhance student life at triOS, as well as increase awareness of the college in the community. 
  • Enhance your resume with a unique experience and gain a reference letter from the Campus Director to assist your job search after graduation. 
  • Increase your network of local contacts through participation in events and initiatives outside of the campus.
  • Enhance your skills prior to entering the workforce. 
  • Opportunity to participate in student-run social and campus events. 
  • Increased opportunities for you to provide feedback for the improvement of triOS College and the campus you are attending. 

Because the triOS Student Ambassador Program is run by our students, the activities and initiatives vary from campus to campus, yet they are all geared towards enhancing student life and providing unique experiences for all of our students.

triOS students are able to fill out an application at any time to become a Student Ambassador. Applicants are selected based on a brief interview by one of the faculty advisors and Campus Director. Students who apply to the Student Ambassador Program must be in good standing with grades and attendance.

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