A Day In The Life Of A Pharmacy Assistant

November 18th, 2016 / By triOS College

Have you ever thought about how important your prescriptions are? Too much or too little of a drug, or pills that are the wrong strength, can cause more problems than they fix. In fact, an incorrectly filled prescription can even lead to death. Doctors determine the drug and the quantity needed, but they rely on the expertise of a pharmacy assistant and workers to ensure that the patient receives it.

As you can imagine, pharmacy workers are a vital link in the health care chain and have a number of important responsibilities. Attaining the role of pharmacy assistant is the first step in becoming a pharmacy technician, a position you will learn more about through your daily work experience as their associate.

Here is an overview of what a pharmacy assistant does on a typical day.


Both the pharmacy assistant and pharmacy technician work for the pharmacist. Of the three, the assistant is the one who deals most directly with the public. Clients present with their prescription and the assistant creates an electronic medical record for them or accesses a pre-existing one. After confirming the person’s details and checking that there are no health changes, the prescription is processed.

Pharmacies also deal with customers over the phone. The assistant answers customers’ general questions regarding prescriptions, checking back with the pharmacist on any that require more detailed information. Once transactions are completed, the assistant accepts payment.

It is crucial to provide considerate customer service. Many of the clients you deal with are elderly and may be easily confused. Even young people present with issues that cause pain or other conditions that make it difficult to fully express themselves. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and offer the sort of patience and courtesy you would want yourself.

Customers do not always rely on the pharmacy workers for prescriptions. Some visit in search of over-the-counter medications. Pharmacy assistants help them locate these drugs and also answer general questions about them.


Assistants perform other functions that allow a pharmacy to function effectively. These include making sure that there is an adequate stock of supplies and arranging them in a neat, orderly fashion for easy access. Pharmacies tend to be quite busy and it is important to process orders quickly, both to aid the ailing customer and make sure that others do not have long to wait.

The assistant also makes sure that the pharmacist’s work area is clean and organized. It is important to remove all traces of residue left over from previously handled medications to make sure there are no drug contamination’s.


Prepare yourself for this important career by attaining the proper background essentials. triOS College’s Pharmacy Assistant Program provides students with classrooms that simulate real-world pharmacy settings, right down to the sort of equipment workers regularly use.

Valuable real-world experience also comes via a six-week internship, exactly the sort of learning-by-doing opportunity you will benefit from on the job. Graduates are ready for positions with mail order pharmacies and home care, along with various other roles within pharmaceutical companies. Enroll now and take the first step to achieving your full potential in a career path that helps Canadians of every age achieve wellness and stability.


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