From Nightclub Security to a Career with the City

September 24th, 2021 / By triOS College

Sascha Poddar-Kampmann is a graduate of the Police Foundations diploma program at triOS College. The Police Foundations program offers extensive and thorough police and security training. Some of the areas of study include imperative firearms safety training, crisis intervention and conflict management, forensics and evidence, community policing, and ethics. Sascha took a moment to share his experiences in the Policing and Foundations program, illustrating his past job experiences and a career change. Currently, Sascha works in a job position with the City of Mississauga.

officer on bicycle

triOS College’s Police Foundations and Security diploma program offers thorough and extensive training.


What were you doing prior to attending triOS College?

I started my career in the bar and nightclub security industry for about five years. Thereafter I began working for a private security company as a security guard primarily providing security to industrial buildings, eventually rising to a sales position within the company. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2008, that company closed its doors permanently, and it was time for a change of pace. Later that year, I began my journey with triOS College.

How was your experience during your program?

I was welcomed into a small classroom setting with personal attention from a very knowledgeable instructor. The small class size allowed for individualistic needs to be met, providing a wide range of students with various professional backgrounds the opportunity to succeed. I was afforded the opportunity to explore some of my personal interests within the scope of the program. The courses were set up in such a way that I was able to maintain a full-time job throughout the year.

What are some of the jobs/positions you’ve had since graduating?

During my last month prior to graduating, I was hired by Barber-Collins Security Services as a mobile supervisor. I continued my education, and in 2011 I began a career with the Corporate Security By-Law Unit of the City of Mississauga as an Officer. In 2018, I was promoted to my current role as a Shift Supervisor in charge of a platoon of Officers.

How has this training helped you in your career?

triOS College started me on the road to post-secondary education, providing a solid foundation for further courses and programs. The Police Foundations course provided a supportive means to a professional career for me when I was well into my thirties.
Would you recommend triOS College and Police Foundations training? If yes – why?
I would recommend triOS College and specifically the Police Foundations training to anyone seeking a professional career in law enforcement. Instructors are former police officers with applicable and real work examples and experiences. triOS College is a supportive learning environment well suited to adult learning.

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