Health Promotion Jobs: The Top 5 Roles In The Field

May 12th, 2015 / By triOS College

Think you have what it takes to be a health promoter? With a combination of science and social work training, you’ll collaborate with people to achieve a common goal while focusing on their health and well-being. Health promotion jobs take dedicated people to do them every day!

These certificate programs are rapidly becoming higher-than-average careers resulting from multiple factors such as the growth in population, the rising medical needs of baby-boomers, and the public’s ever-changing view of emergency response quality.

Here are the top 5 health promotion jobs:



Balancing human compassion and advanced medical technology, nurses are hot commodities in the medical field. Nurses work closely with patients and their responsibilities vary depending on the nature of the job. Duties may range anywhere from monitoring patients, supervising other nurses, administering medication, giving injections, preparing the patient for the doctor, assisting with examinations, and managing patient records.

Be prepared for a wide variety of professional opportunities in this particular field as there are many sectors within the health service industry. With advanced degrees and experience, you will be eligible for specialized training as well as higher-paying jobs.



Playing an integral part of health care services, the medical/physician assistant plays a key role in offices, hospitals, and health care facilities. You will be expected to work with a supervising physician, and may take medical histories as well as updating patient charts as a part of your formal training.

As part of a medical/physician assistant’s responsibility you will arrange medical treatments on behalf of the physician, supervise the office, answer phone calls, and help with scheduling appointments for patients.

There are many responsibilities required to execute the role of a medical/physician assistant and it will vary depending on the duties that come with this particular health promotion job.



A massage therapist engages in administering soothing and healing treatments where different massage techniques are used to guide the client’s healing process. This holistic therapy focuses on the balance, harmony, and homeostasis of the client’s body after interviewing the client’s concerns. Massage therapists can practice privately out of their own studio or work for a physical therapy clinic, spa, or gym.



Arriving first on the scene of an accident, a First Responder certificate is usually required as it involves training in basic life-supporting skills that a paramedic should know when they arrive at the site of the accident.

As more responsibilities are handed to EMTs and paramedics, there is an increase in demand for higher certification standards. Besides fieldwork, this career path can change to enter niches as dispatchers, instructors, physician assistants, supervisors, and executive directors of emergency services.



Gently guiding yogis into different stretches that helps with strengthening and toning of muscles, a yoga instructor leads clients through a given series of stretches in each session. A yoga instructor encourages participants towards a calm mind during their yoga session and leads yogis on a path to detoxification.



These top 5 health promotion jobs are becoming more attractive for students who want to get their certification as quickly as possible to apply for an entry-level job. Many of these health promoting jobs can be further specialized with higher degrees of education and can be obtained online or offered through colleges. Do you have what it takes to execute one of these top 5 health promotion jobs?


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