New Workshops Set Up PSWs for Success

June 4th, 2021 / By triOS College

New Workshops Set Up PSWs for Success featured image

Personal Support Worker program Coordinator and Instructor, Divya Kuruvila breaks down the 2 new workshops that have been added to the program schedule. The newly added Gentle Persuasive Approach and Intramuscular/ Subcutaneous Insulin Administration workshops are great learning opportunities that will enhance the resume of anyone looking to get into the Personal Suppor Worker Field.


1.Why are these two new workshops so important to the PSW profession?

PSW profession is evolving. I remember in 2004, PSWs were mainly responsible for cleaning floors, making the bed, cleaning out garbage bins, and so on but never client care. Fast forward to 2021, PSWs are responsible for client care, transfers, household management, assisting with medications, vital signs recording, documentation, and so on. Adding GPA and IM/SQ Insulin Administration to the list drastically enhances their skills set and opens doors to better employment opportunities.


2.What is the Gentle Persuasive Approach workshop and how can it help PSWs on the job?

Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA) is an evidence-based workshop, designed to train individuals in techniques used to effectively reduce responsive behaviors seen in clients with dementia.

Health care providers such as Personal Support Workers spend the majority of their time providing care to a variety of clients including dementia clients. Clients diagnosed with dementia exhibit behavioral reactions that may escalate to aggressions, distressing responses, injuries if their initial behavioral reactions were unmet. It is important to effectively communicate and understand clients with dementia. GPA training will help PSWs to diffuse escalating situations confidently and successfully with empathy, respect, compassion, non – violent techniques, remain client-centered while protecting themselves from potential workplace injury as well.


3.How is the Intramuscular/ Subcutaneous Insulin Administration Workshop taught?

Intramuscular/ Subcutaneous Insulin Administration Workshop is taught remotely. It’s amazing how technology has grown immensely where one can learn from the comfort of one’s home. Students will receive the same crucial IM/SQ Insulin Administration information and training that they receive if we were in an actual classroom setting.


5.Students who successfully complete these new workshops will receive certificates, does this have a positive impact on one’s resume?

Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, health care is struggling. One of the struggles health care is experiencing is a shortage of staff. Both GPA and IM/SQ Insulin Workshops are huge assets in one’s resume as this increases the chance of better employment opportunities for our grads. With the successful completion of these new workshops, our PSW grads can confidently approach employers requiring these certifications.


5.Do you have any tips for PSWs currently working in the field?

Our professional setting is a huge classroom. You learn every day, especially from clients. Be excited to learn and be competent in executing the new skill/ task(s) you have recently learned. Never forget why you started this journey in the first place.