What Classes Do You Take for Business Administration?

October 21st, 2021 / By triOS College

Business administration is an attractive field of study because it allows for a great variety of career choices down the line. The role of a business administrator involves being responsible for key tasks essential to the successful operation and performance of a business. Business administrators are not to be confused with office administrators, who perform clerical functions and typically operate in more supportive roles. You can usually find business administrators managing departments, in associate positions, and in roles involving strategy. The business administrator is essentially the pit crew of a business, using their learned management theory and skillset to keep the business in great shape and running smoothly on the road.

To become a business administrator, one will of course need to get a good education that teaches them the foundations of a successful enterprise. Although you will learn a lot of your key lessons on the job and through company training (once hired), you will still need a business administration certificate to be considered for a job position. For most positions, a university degree or college diploma is required. The advantage of taking the college route is that you will be able to complete your studies and get into the workforce much sooner. Training in business administration teaches you essential communication, planning, and problem-solving skills that can be used across industries. The right institution will provide a blend of theoretical classroom learning and an internship component, where students can put their classroom learning into practice.



Business administration professionals collaborating in a meeting
Business Administration is a dynamic field with many options.


Is Business Administration Easy?

Like many fields of study, business administration is not easy. However, it is extremely rewarding for those who have a passion for it. People who enjoy service, pay attention to detail, enjoy solving complex problems, and have an affinity for math should consider studying business administration. Candidates must be able to work independently as well as on a team and demonstrate leadership qualities. Components of the role may put you in a position to manage projects and people. You will also have to interact across departments and with organizational partners who depend on your knowledge and experience to get the job done. Managing people and relationships can be tricky, which is why excellent interpersonal skills are a must.

Business administration courses will teach the foundations of finance, business communication, resource management, and the application of business-oriented computer software. Some programs may require you to come up with your own business plan as a way of understanding all the factors that affect a business. You will also learn the economic factors that drive businesses and how to prepare financial statements.

What Can You Do with a Business Administration Diploma?

With a Business Administration diploma, you can qualify for a large number of roles in the corporate and even small business world. Business administrators are on the front lines driving sales and reconciling damages. In most cases, you can find administrators leading in multiple areas of a company. Departments such as accounting, marketing, sales, and operations will report directly to the Business Administrator.

Because you will have learned core transferable hard skills in business foundations, you will be able to work across a variety of sectors. For example, if you’re someone who favors accounting, you could consider working at a record label, a tech company, or even a bank. Many businesses share the same aspects of functionality; therefore, your learned skills will easily apply to a variety of companies. If you’re someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can even start a business of your own! With the growing digitization of the world, it has never been easier to get started. You can even set your own hours and decide if you want to operate on a full-time or part-time basis while you work for a larger company.

Where to Study Business Administration

If you’re still reading this article, then you must be intrigued in the field and may be wondering where to study business administration. Prospective students can study at public universities and colleges and accredited private career colleges.

The faculty of business at triOS College is home to a variety of programs, including Business Administration that can get you started in the world of enterprise. The Business Administration program at triOS gives students the option of choosing to specialize in one of three areas: Accounting & Applications, Human Resources/Marketing, or Human Resources/Applications.

“The benefits of our Business Administration program are multifaceted as you will be exposed to a wide range of career paths. The course itself allows the participants to become employed in different departments in business such as Accounting, HRM, Administration, Marketing, Customer Service, or Management, and it is extremely useful for those budding entrepreneurs.” – Jacqueline Russell, Business Administration Instructor

With a 34-week program and an optional internship opportunity, students can be qualified for positions such as Office Administrator, Bookkeeper, Executive Office Assistant, or Business Applications Specialist in just under a year. For those who have the flexibility to learn in a longer program, the Honours Business Administration diploma will qualify graduates to work in positions such as Office Administrator, Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Account Audit Clerk, Human Resources Assistant, Executive Office Assistant, and associate roles.

Check out the Business Administration program page to learn more about the program. Additionally, you can visit our Honours Business Administration program page to discover our extended honours program.