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Gone are the days when documentation is done on paper. The majority of it is done on a computer or smartphone device. In many community agencies, the staff is expected to report/sign in on their smartphone, check their messages from their supervisor and retrieve their working schedule. They also can be asked to enter their hours worked and get their pay stub information online.

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Increasing electronic technology is being used in the Health Care Field and the expectation is that every position, including the Personal Support Worker positions, use electronic technology to communicate. The teaching of this form of communication is included in the Personal Support Worker Program at triOS College.

PSW’s are required to document their observations about their residents, the care they have performed, and in some cases report in for work using their smartphone device. The supervisors of these staff are using email to communicate messages to the PSW’s about resident care and specific functions that they would like the PSW to perform as it relates to resident care. It is therefore important that training PSW’s are taught these technology skills so they will be ready to meet job expectations when they graduate. While taking the triOS PSW program, students are expected to research conditions and medications to treat certain conditions. It is encouraged that they look up necessary information on the computer.

In the triOS College PSW program, the students have a computer documentation assignment to do as part of their course work which must be completed and is graded by the instructor. It is similar to what they will use in community or long term care environment. In the course we also allow them to research conditions that they will study, alongside completing a drug assignment that they can do on the computer. They also learn the importance of privacy and confidentiality in the electronic field. All access is password protected and the importance of this is stressed.

All students entering the health care field, whether as a PSW or other health care professional, must be prepared to enter the electronic age. Being tech savvy is now a job requirement and the triOS College PSW program prepares students for the working world with the skills that they need to secure jobs in the healthcare sector.

Written by: Sue Symonds Registered Nurse [Reg Nurse], Diploma in  LTCSM
PSW Instructor/ PSW Faculty Head


PSW Instructor/ PSW Faculty HeadSue has been in nursing for many years working in hospitals and mostly in Long Term Care as a Staff Nurse, Educator,  Director of Care and Administrator.As an Registered nurse, her passion has been to see that the Residents / clients get quality care based on their needs.  Instrumental in this is helping the staff have the knowledge and skills to  be the best they can be in helping meet the client needs.She has also served on several health care agency advisory committees.Her interests are camping gardening and music.