Law And Security Interview Questions: What You Will Be Asked

June 3rd, 2016 / By triOS College

You have successfully completed triOS’ Law and Security Officer Program and are now getting your résumé out there to prospective employers. This also means starting to prepare for job interviews.

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Keeping the peace in thriving corporations and cities is the responsibility of law enforcement and security professionals.


It would certainly be wonderful to just send in an application and receive a nice, friendly phone call saying, “You got the job! See you on Monday!” Employers understandably feel the need to meet with applicants beforehand to see if they are the best picks for the position. Job interviews can be a source of anxiety for many, but if properly prepared for, they can provide the opportunity for you to really sell the employer on what you have to offer them.

Here are some of the more important questions commonly asked at interviews for Law and Security Officer positions and how you can answer them in a way that is related to the job:

1. Do you have any experience in the Law and Security field?

If you are just starting out, this can be a scary question. However, even if you have not performed this sort of job in a paid or volunteer capacity, you can discuss the training you have received, the type of security position you desire, and why you think you would be a good fit for that role instead.

Always be positive and make it clear that you are interested in learning as much as you can to succeed in this field. Discuss any experience you have dealing with the public, particularly stressful situations where your cool head helped to neutralize a tense situation.

2. Why do you think this is the type of work for you?

Think back to when you decided to take this triOS course: what was it about the career possibilities that appealed to you? What did you learn in class that further increased your desire to work in a law and security position?

Use these as the basis for your answer and then add in personal qualities that will make you stand out from the pack. These can include such things as being a good listener, loving new challenges, being quick to learn new skills, and possessing drive and determination.

3. How do you deal with a difficult co-worker?

Employers typically ask this as a way of judging both your character and how well you react to challenging situations. If you are unable to get along with your fellow workers under normal conditions, how well will you do in a stressful situation with someone breaking the law?

Emphasize that you believe in being a team player and adhering to company policies. Discuss how if you were unable to change the situation with the person by talking to them, you would next consult with a supervisor. If there is an example in your past where you faced such a situation and successfully took action to correct it, discuss that.

4. Do you have any questions for me?

It is customary for interviews to conclude with the interviewer asking whether the applicant has any questions for them. It is important to participate in this portion of the interview because it shows you are genuinely interested in the job and the possibility of working there. Do not discuss salary and/or benefits, but do ask things such as typical duties you might perform on a shift, where you would be working, typical working hours, how you would go about logging an incident, etc.

Let’s Get Started

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