Employment Opportunities For Personal Support Workers

December 1st, 2016 / By Sue Symonds, Registered Nurse [Reg Nurse], Diploma in LTCSMPSW Instructor/ PSW Faculty Head

Many PSW’s ask if there are employment opportunities for them when they graduate. The answer is yes, as the field of opportunities for PSW’s grows both in the community as well as in the institutional setting. The triOS College PSW training program is geared to prepare students to work with a variety of age groups from infants to older people. PSW jobs are now available in a variety of settings and in multiple workplaces.

female psw helping female senior in bed

Personal Support Workers care for those who are ill, elderly, or need help with daily tasks and ensure their safety, comfort, and well-being.

This is due to the fact that health care is constantly changing and new trends and policies indicate and provide the need for PSW’s to be getting jobs in various settings more so than a few years ago.

Another trend that is emerging is the ever expanding role of the PSW. The PSW’s have become the bedside team members spending most of their time providing the basic care and meeting the needs of the resident at their bedside.

Acute care settings are hiring PSW’s to work in some areas of the centre thus expanding the role of the PSW. As patients are waiting longer for acute care beds, PSW’s are assisting with meeting basic needs and freeing the Reg Nurses and RPN’s to do assessments, administer treatments and medications, arrange consultations with other health providers and keep the care plan up to date.

The PSW students are well prepared throughout their triOS course work to assist a client with self care activities that people need to perform every day to remain independent and allow them to function as effective members of society. These include eating, dressing, toileting, bathing, and grooming. They also assist with transferring from one position to another in a safe and comfortable manner.

The PSW’s are also trained to report any change in behaviour or health status and are therefore an important member of the health team providing input into care conferencing and/or care planning activities. PSW’s are trained to work with older adults with physical and mental disabilities ,  those with changes in physical conditions, younger clients with disabilities, clients with short term or long term injuries, and assisting those with chronic conditions of any age. They also learn to work with people from all cultures and backgrounds.

The triOS PSW training program prepares students to be an important member of the health team and triOS graduates are gradually more widely recognized as such. Their extensive training allows them to work in a variety of settings in acute care, long term care, as well as in the community working for agencies or individual families. Such community settings include Mental Health programs, Palliative Care programs, March of Dimes, Alzheimer Society and agencies serving the needs of clients with Acquired Brain injuries, Downs Syndrome and Autism as well as agencies providing Home Care services.

The growing need for PSW’s ensures that for graduates of the triOS program, PSW jobs are now endless.


Visit triOS College’s Personal Support Worker program page to learn more.