How Do I Choose A New Career?

February 26th, 2019 / By triOS College

Are you considering possible career paths? What are your interests? How do you choose a new career? Where are the jobs? These are great questions you can ask yourself when considering a new career.

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS) by the Government of Canada, about 1.6 million new jobs are expected to be generated by Canada’s booming economy between 2017 and 2026.

Below are the projected trends published by the Canadian Government in the tail end of 2016.

Top 5 industries projected to have strongest employment growth:

Industry Average annual growth, in percentage.

Healthcare 1.95%
Computer systems design and related services 1.90%
Support activities for mining, oil and gas extraction 1.5%
Social assistance 1.35%
Legal, accounting, consulting and other professional services 1.30%

Why the rise in these industries?

• An aging population means a growing demand for healthcare and social assistance for elderly care and social services for senior citizens.
• The growing number of the youth population (aged 0 to 7) will also result in demand for more child day-care and family services.
• Continued investment into crude oil and energy-related companies will result in a pickup for the industry.
• Rapid innovations in technology require businesses to retain adaptable, skilled professionals in IT and computer systems to stay competitive and to maintain their computer systems.
• With new technologies and innovations come the need for professional advice on acquisitions, mergers, logistics, and planning to regulate and implement them.

How to ride the employment growth

How can you take advantage of these projected growth in employment across these fields?

Determining the required training and education necessary for your occupation of choice, and how realistic it would be for you to complete them is also key when evaluating your career choices.

According to COPS, the largest share of employment among these in-demand occupations will be high-skilled jobs that require college education. From 2017 through 2026, the projected number of jobs that will require college education is estimated at 600,000, followed by jobs that will require university education (estimated at 550,000). Career colleges like triOS College offer programs that make sure you have the right skills and hands-on experience to to help you choose a new career.

For example, since the healthcare industry is on the rise, you can consider any of the following career paths:

• massage therapy
• personal support work
• community service work
• physiotherapy or occupational therapy assistant

For those more interested in technology, triOS College also offers programs that can launch your career as an:

• information technology (IT) professional
• IT administrator
• network administrator