How to Make Money with Digital Marketing

April 7th, 2022

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field with countless job opportunities. As more and more people turn to the internet and other digital technologies to learn about products and services, new ways of marketing come to light. By learning certain skills and concepts, you can make money with digital marketing.

Dashboard of a digital marketing tool Digital marketers use technology to market products and services.

What is Digital Marketing?

Simply put, digital marketing is marketing that is done through the internet and other digital technologies. While marketing has relied on media such as television, radio, or print in the past, technology has resulted in a completely new way of marketing and branding. By using digital channels like social media platforms, email, search engines, and blogs, businesses are able to use these digital technologies to reach existing and prospective consumers. This is particularly important as social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter grow in popularity.

How to Make Money with Digital Marketing

There are a number of ways to make money with digital marketing. By combining different digital marketing skills, you can offer more services and make money. However, you also need to pair your skills with a business-focused mindset to be a good digital marketer. triOS College’s Digital Marketing Faculty Head Michelle King notes that a successful digital marketer is “business-minded, self-motivated, and a creative critical thinker”. If you can combine your skills and personal qualities together, you’re on your way to making money with digital marketing.

“You are an individual who is business-minded, self-motivated, and a creative critical thinker who is OK with sometimes colouring outside the lines to attain engagement with your audience.” -Michelle King, Digital Marketing Faculty Head at triOS College

Make money with SEO

When you use a search engine, you tend to click the links that appear in the first few results. This is due to search Engine Optimization (SEO), a process that improves a website’s visibility when people search for a product or service related to an organization. As people often consult search engines to discover products and services, SEO plays an important role in growing digital traffic.

Make money with Search Engine Marketing

Not to be confused with Search Engine Optimization, which focuses on growing traffic organically, Search Engine Marketing involves developing paid ads that appear as search results on search engines. Being able to target particular demographics to get the best possible results is a skill that can set you apart as a digital marketer.

Make money with Content Writing

Effective writing is an important part of communicating with existing and prospective consumers. A well-written and informative blog can play a crucial part in informing consumers about product and service offerings, while at the same time communicating why they should choose a particular product or service. With content writing, you can make money by producing high-quality, informative, and engaging content.

Make money with Social Media

Brands use social media to engage with consumers and promote products or services. Growing a brand’s social media presence plays a key factor in growing traffic and increasing awareness. Being able to effectively manage a social media presence and grow an audience is another way to make money with digital marketing.

Average Pay for Digital Marketing Specialists

As with many jobs, your location and level of experience determines how much you can earn. Across Canada, the average Digital Marketing Specialist salary is $31/hour, with more experienced workers earning up to $52/hour.

Do I Need a Degree for Digital Marketing?

While you don’t need a degree to find a career in digital marketing, having a thorough understanding of the field and the skills required is beneficial. By learning directly from industry experts, you’ll gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and how to best apply the concepts you learn. Having a strong understanding of the field and a refined skillset will also make you more appealing to potential employers.

triOS College’s Digital Marketing Specialist program prepares you for a career in digital marketing. Upon completion of the program, you qualify for positions such as Digital Marketing Specialist or Digital Marketing Communications Specialist. With 45-weeks of in-class instruction, you’ll become knowledgeable about digital marketing foundations, content strategy, search engine optimization, and more. Experience is important when applying for jobs, and the program’s 12-week internship lets you gain practical hands-on experience in the industry to make you even more competitive.

Want to build a career in digital marketing? Learn more about our Digital Marketing Specialist program and how you can start your journey. You can also check out our Digital Marketing (Online) diploma program, which offers you the flexibility of studying at home.