What is a Law Clerk?

November 30th, 2022

A law clerk is a trained legal professional who carries out independent legal work under the guidance of a licensed lawyer. They carry out routine legal and administrative tasks while assisting lawyers with more complex legal matters.

Josephine Casey, Law Faculty Head at triOS College, describes a law clerk as a trained legal professional, who plays an important role within the judicial system. They are recognized by professionals in the legal field and are essential to operate an organized and effective law practice. “A skilled law clerk ensures the efficiency of a law office,” Casey explained.

a law clerk holding legal files
A law clerk is a trained legal professional who plays an important role in the efficiency of a law office.

What Does a Law Clerk Do?

A law clerk typically conducts procedural legal and administrative duties such as drafting legal correspondences and general clerical duties to ensure that lawyers have the time to focus on more complex legal matters. Law clerks often also assist lawyers in their complex duties.

The role of a law clerk entails preparing legal documents and conducting legal research needed by lawyers and other legal professionals within a law firm. They also assist lawyers by preparing trial briefs, arranging for trial, and preparing for mediation and judicial dispute resolutions. In some law firms, a law clerk will also prepare wills, real estate transactions, and other legal documents such as court reports and affidavits under the supervision of a licensed lawyer.

“A skilled law clerk ensures the efficiency of a law office.” – Josephine Casey, Law Faculty Head at triOS College

How Much Does a Law Clerk Make in Ontario?

The earnings of a law clerk can depend on the level of experience, the size of a law firm, and the geographic location of the law clerk. Across Canada, law clerks earn an average wage of $28.02/hour and can earn up to $45.67/hour with experience.

In Ontario, law clerks earn more than the Canadian average. Law clerks in Ontario can expect a wage of $28.57/hour, while the more experienced ones can earn up to $48.08/hour.

How to Become a Law Clerk in Ontario

To become a successful law clerk, you need to complete a college diploma, which will equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge the profession requires. By studying concepts such as Business Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, and Wills and Estates, you will become well-versed in a wide variety of legal matters.

At triOS College, our Law Clerk Specialist diploma program prepares you for a career as a law clerk by teaching you the skills and fundamentals of law over the course of 61 weeks, so that you can graduate well-rounded and prepared for a career in the legal field. Through an 8-week internship, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom and gain valuable hands-on experience that employers want.

Learn more about triOS College’s Law Clerk Specialist program and how you can jumpstart your career in the exciting and challenging legal field.