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November 12th, 2021 / By triOS College

Over the last few years, videogaming has risen in popularity across the nation. Once thought of as something for teenagers and children, people of all ages are now beginning to embrace video games for a multitude of reasons. Playing video games can be a way of destressing, keeping up with friends or even a way of becoming a part of a new community. The Real Canadian Gamers Essential Facts 2020 report found that there are approximately 23 million games being played in Canada. The report also found that the average player is 34 years old with a healthy ratio of men and women. As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, there was a wave of new gamers, people who were required to stay home looking for another way to entertain themselves. The Real Canadian Gamers report found that older adults are becoming more comfortable with being thought of as gamers and are playing a variety of games.  

Popular gaming categories include puzzle and word games, action and adventure games, strategy and role-playing games (RPGs), and MMPORGs (massively multi-player online role-playing games). With the age of gamers increasing and more individuals turning to gaming for a sense of community, gaming is becoming a popular pastime. As the demand for more types of games increases, there will undoubtedly be an increase in demand for workers to create these games. Video game development is now a sound industry with many job opportunities to work for top-level, popular video game developers and independent game development studios. Many post-secondary institutions are responding to this spike in demand by making video game development programs available for gamers who want to make a career out of their passion. 


Video game development students playing a video game.

The video game development field attracts lovers of gaming.


What is Video Game Development? 

How do video games go from studios to the shelves? You would never guess that there was a large team involved from ideation of the game to getting it into the gamer’s hands. Through the process of video game development, games are created by concept generation, designing, and building. Once video games are assembled, they are then tested before they make it out to market for consumer purchase. There are many job positions that perform essential tasks when it comes to the development of the games we enjoy. 

The first step in creating a new game is coming up with the story. This job usually goes to the video game writer. A video game writer is a niche position that involves pitching a story, creating a narrative, and eventually working out a script. Once the game’s story is written, it is turned over to the concept artist, who is behind the look and style of a game. Concept artists are the ones who sort out visuals such as the characters, the weaponry, and even the environments. This work is very important as it helps programmers, producers, and 3D artists understand what the game will look like. With the look and feel decided upon, programmers can begin to design the levels of the game, puzzles, audio of the game, interface, and the user experience. 

At a larger gaming studio with a big budget, these roles can be filled by multiple individuals and get to market a lot faster. With independent or indie studios, the same process is followed, but on a much smaller scale. Eventually, actors are hired to voice the characters. Musicians are called on to create a soundscape of the video game’s world. Depending on the game, popular music from today’s artists may be used. After a game has received all the appropriate approvals, it can be marketed to the public. 

The Best Video Game Developer Companies 

Whether you are new to gaming or not, you can definitely tell the difference between a well-thought-out game and one that could use a little more work. AAA or Tripple-A status is an informal classification used for the categorization of games produced and distributed by mid-sized to major publishers, which typically have higher development and marketing budgets than other tiers of games. These are usually the games that end up winning game of the year and other top prizes. AAA status is an amazing feat to reach for any game, but it’s not the only way to determine the success of a game.

The best video game developer companies know that the key to an amazing game is a great user experience. The best way to get gamers excited about your creation is to provide both a visually-appealing and mentally-stimulating experience that keeps users engaged in the game. The story is one of the most important elements in gameplay as that is what’s going to attract a player to it in the first place. Whether it’s a medieval quest or a racing game, it needs to be well-written and make sense. The other element of gameplay is how the game is actually played and it is just as important as the story because they go hand-in-hand. Good gameplay is a great story and the characteristics of a game (such as how the character moves, what view the game is in, and the overall functionality of it, etc.) coming together to create a great user experience. 


Video game characters walking as seen on a video game.

If you’re doing video game development based on the fantasy realm, then you may be able to have some more creative freedom.

The way the game looks is another large factor in user experience. The way a concept artist designs the look and feel of the game depends on what type of audience they are designing for. If you are creating the next FIFA game, then you would want to make sure that the players actually look like their real-life counterparts and can perform the same moves. If you’re working on a game based on the fantasy realm, then you may be able to have some more creative freedom.  

No real gamer likes an easy game, therefore there needs to be an element of difficulty or challenge in the design. Gamers can feel a real sense of pride when they conquer a difficult portion of a game. It’s common nowadays for game developers to include extra “side quests” or special items when certain tasks are completed by the player. With that being said, there needs to be a balance in the challenges of the game. Yes, there should be difficult villains to conquer, but there should also be slower-paced moments where you get to learn more about the characters involved. The most popular video game developers have all of these figured out, but it’s not impossible for upcoming developers to keep up. Little elements such as the music used or the extra sparkle in a character’s eye make the difference and really have an impact on how players experience a game. 

Tip: As an exercise, think of the top ten video game developers in your experience and what makes their games stand out. Do you see any patterns? Apply those learnings to your own ideas.

What Video Game Development Programs Teach 

As you may already know, you will have to pursue post-secondary training to start a career in video game development. Most employers of video game developers find a college diploma and experience such as an internship to be acceptable. Most video game development programs teach their students fundamental skills and concepts such as coding, game theory, computer programming related to game development, as well as 2D and 3D design. Therefore, choosing the right program will depend on the career goals of the individual and what is most interesting to them. 

If the world of video game development is intriguing to you, then triOS College may be your next step. Our Video Game Development diploma program was recently updated for 2021 and provides students with hands-on experience in creating video games from start to finish. Program modules include all expected fundamentals as well as math and physics for games, fundamentals of game engines, how to develop your portfolio in game development, and more. With a program at par with current industry standards and taught by active industry professionals, the teachings prepare graduates for employment with big-name video game developers in Toronto, Ontario and beyond. With the rising popularity of remote work, graduates may also be hired by companies in the U.S. and abroad. Choose between 69- and 89-week program options, with the latter including a 16-week internship. This program is ideal for any lover of games who wants to make their passion into a career. 


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