Conquer New Frontiers As A Master Game Creator

January 5th, 2016 / By triOS College

From their origins in the Pong age to the spectacular interactive versions we enjoy now, video games have captured the imaginations of millions. The creativity on display is truly astounding and video game designers rank among the most imaginative and talented professionals in the entertainment business.

video game professional helping student

Students learn how video games are designed and built from professionals in the industry and develop a portfolio that is crucial for employment in the field.


According to a 2014 report by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, there are 329 video game companies in Canada, and 53% of them are independent developers. There is much involved in the creation of these programs, and triOS College’s Video game Design And Development course prepares students to excel in the industry through intensive classroom instruction with an option of practical work experience.

Learn How to Design Games

Running 78 weeks, the classroom portion of the course covers such essentials as programming, scripting, level planning, and sound design. A well-developed portfolio is key for getting employment in this industry, so students receive eight gaming portfolio projects, a lifelong portfolio website, and an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for up to two years. The portfolio projects include a game prototype, a C++ game, a Flash/ActionScript game, a DirectX game, and several Unity and mobile games.

Such work requires the right hardware and students utilize a custom M17x Alienware laptop (3D-capable), Apple Mac Mini, and Adobe Creative Suite Software. Also included are free Microsoft Office Professional Plus and DreamSpark Premium.

Learning From the Pros

One of the best ways to learn about any profession is through practical experience. Over the course of a 16-week internship, students work alongside video game industry professionals and see firsthand the steps involved in creating and developing games. While a great idea for a new game may come from one person, it is a team that takes that concept and develops it into the final creation.  The internship provides students with the chance to learn, think, and respond in the sort of team atmosphere where they will be working.

Students interested only in the diploma program do not participate in the internship.

Salary and Career Opportunities

Successful completion of triOS College’s Video Game Design and Development course will help graduates be considered for entry-level employment as Quality Assurance/Game Testers, 2D/3D Game Programmers, Mobile Game Programmers, AI Programmers and Level Designers.

Canada is the world’s largest per-capita producer of video games, with the industry contributing $2.3 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product each year. Potential employers include such major firms as Sony Canada, Digital Extremes, Snakehead Games, Big Blue Bubble, XMG Studio Inc., Game Loft Toronto, Phantom Compass Games, and The Ant Firm. The generous salary range is $32.97 an hour to $46.67 an hour, which translates to a yearly income ranging from $60,005.40 to $84,939.40.



Let’s Get Started

Many people who love video games yearn to learn more about their creation. For dedicated gamers with a strong creative side, Video Game Design and Development is a prime opportunity to merge your passion with your talent and enter into a challenging and rewarding career. If you dream of creating something truly artistic that provides thousands of hours of entertainment for millions of people worldwide, this is the profession for you!


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