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Let’s start with the past history of security guards in North America. Private security came into existence when a need for extra security was seen by companies that needed to transport money and gold over long distances during the early settlement of western North America. The local train robbers of the time took advantage of the lack of security by the local police and robbed at will.

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Soon, several companies were formed that supplied private security for these companies which helped to prevent the train and stage coach robberies. Many of these companies exist even today, such as Wells Fargo.

With the ever increasing rise in population and the need for more security the industry has grown in leaps and bounds and today the number of private security officers outnumbers the public police 3 to 2.

In today’s day and age of an ever increasing need for people to fill the private security positions, the opportunities for employment and promotion are increasing.

The recent changes in legislation requiring better training and higher standards for those employed as security personnel has brought the job of security guard into a more respectable employment opportunity.

Also, as the public police move forwards to a more integrated community based policing strategy, the recognition that the security
industry can be a valuable tool for the public police has become apparent.

So is private security right for you?

If you want a rewarding career with the possibility of advancement then perhaps private security is the right job for you.

It is an ever expanding industry who now is expanding into almost all aspects of law enforcement and is now much more than sitting at a video screen watching a condo building.

So check out our Law and Security Programs to see what is right for you.

Written by: John Oke
Police Foundations Faculty Head


John Oke is a retired member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with 25 years experience. John spent his first 10 years in Newfoundland doing uniform policing where he worked on many varied cases, including cases of murder, arson, motor vehicle fatalities and much more. He the transferred to Toronto where he was posted to the Drug Section for six years.During this time he worked in all areas of drug enforcement, including large scale International cocaine, heroin and marihuana cases. 

John then transferred to the Federal Enforcement Section where he specialized in Copyright and Trademark enforcement as well as investigating many international extraditions of criminals to other countries.. Included in his time in FES was recruiting for the RCMP, international investigations into illegal immigration matters as well as assistance to many police services from around the world.Also included in his time in Toronto were many VIP visits, such as the Pope and The Queen as well as Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and several Economic Summits and many other foreign dignitaries.

John retired from the RCMP and went on to become a private investigator specializing in Copyright and Trademark investigations. Included in this was a designation as an expert on counterfeit Cuban cigars.John has now been teaching Police Foundations for over 4 years and has as well taken on the role of Faculty Head for triOS College Police Foundations Department.